Definition of whorehouse in English:



  • A brothel.

    • ‘They were children and young women marked for sale into brothels and whorehouses.’
    • ‘Hal and Sir John spend their nights padding about the taverns and whorehouses of London together, producing dialogue such as this.’
    • ‘So Chesterton's nation with the soul of a church has not closed down its whorehouses.’
    • ‘This mythic territory, once navigated by Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, hosts a journey to declining river towns, tiny evangelical churches, and seedy whorehouses populated by disturbed and disturbing characters.’
    • ‘One long virtuosic section takes place in a whorehouse after Miralles finds its number stored in his brother's mobile phone.’
    • ‘One year later she was released when her uncle accidentally found her while visiting the whorehouse as a customer himself.’
    • ‘Knowledge of the blue movies filtered out through the prostitutes borrowed from the huge Parisian whorehouses that the vast majority of French men visited.’
    • ‘But before a month had passed, he'd be at the whorehouses again.’
    • ‘He had met his wife in the whorehouse where she was working as a prostitute.’
    • ‘It is the economic, financial, political, social and cultural capital of this land, and also the nation's whorehouse, bordello and opium den.’
    • ‘Pahrump, a small town 60 miles from Las Vegas, is known for its liberal citizens, and its whorehouses.’
    • ‘I'd wage you were heading to the whorehouse, not work.’
    • ‘He runs into an old friend who tells him Ona's cousin Marija is living in a whorehouse, working as a prostitute.’
    • ‘The country is considering legalizing whorehouses as a way of attracting tourists.’
    • ‘They believed that an external force - confinement in a whorehouse - would allow them to save some money for themselves and their families.’
    • ‘But all the massage parlours in MoBay are whorehouses.’
    • ‘I can understand why boys would be curious about a whorehouse but that's no place for a girl.’
    • ‘It was the kind of music you'd hear in music halls, saloons, whorehouses, barbershops, anywhere the Police Gazette could be found.’
    • ‘Go and settle your appetites in the whorehouses of the city, not on me.’
    • ‘They're poorly educated, they steal and lie, they grow up to be either gamblers or drunks, or both, who learn about sex at a young age by going to whorehouses.’
    brothel, bordello, house of ill repute
    disorderly house
    cathouse, drum
    knocking shop
    creep joint
    massage parlour
    bawdy house, house of ill fame, bagnio, stew
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