Definition of whoredom in US English:



  • Prostitution or other promiscuous sexual activity.

    ‘he'd accused her of adultery, betrayal, whoredom, and deceit’
    • ‘The prominent association of religion and whoredom in the period could have been more rigorously examined in relation to Henrietta Maria.’
    • ‘She gives up champagne and whoredom, takes a room with a kindly if dotty old woman, and becomes a physical therapist for handicapped children.’
    • ‘Hendrickje probably approved of his financial prudence, even when she was arraigned for whoredom by the Amsterdam religious police.’
    • ‘He accuses his wife of whoredom, discounts her denials, and insultingly gives Emilia money as he leaves.’
    • ‘For the Old Testament prophet as well as the Puritan merchant, the real fear was that God would punish the entire community for spiritual as much as for literal whoredom.’