Definition of wholewheat in English:



  • Denoting flour or bread made from whole grains of wheat, including the husk or outer layer.


  • Wholewheat bread or flour.

    • ‘Whole Wheat (it's a mixture of whole-wheat and refined flour) is the healthiest pretzel, though many outlets don't carry it.’
    • ‘Bread is typically high-GI, whether whole-wheat or white, because it's made from finely ground flour.’
    • ‘Why bother eating whole-wheat instead of white bread or shredded wheat instead of corn flakes?’
    • ‘For example, one week Sheri switched from white bread to whole-wheat.’
    • ‘Two kinds of whole-grain pasta, whole-wheat and spelt, have a hearty wheat flavor that goes well with assertive summer ingredients like fresh herbs, grilled eggplant, and garlic.’