Definition of wholeness in US English:



  • 1The state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity.

    ‘the work lacked a sense of wholeness and meaning’
    • ‘The identifiably Yiddish and Hebrew elements within his poetry serve to interrogate the homogeneity and wholeness of English.’
    • ‘The auteur critic is obsessed with the wholeness of art and artist.’
    • ‘The image manages to maintain a wholeness of perception.’
    • ‘The sense of wholeness she talks of here, the idea of completion, for me evokes a moral agenda.’
    • ‘The director prizes originality and wholeness over allegiance to form.’
  • 2The state of being unbroken or undamaged.

    ‘the wholeness of the buildings is exceedingly well preserved’
    • ‘Please adhere to the following rules in order to safeguard the wholeness of your limbs.’
    • ‘The world was created in a broken state, and the human being was placed within it to gather the shattered pieces and repair its wholeness.’
    • ‘They were thrilled at the new wholeness of their apartment - until they realized, from the pathetic sound of her muted meows, that he'd sealed their cat inside the wall.’
    • ‘They went astray from the predestined path thus destructing the overall wholeness of the planet.’
    • ‘This relationship has been damaged; it too is awaiting its wholeness to be restored in salvation.’
    1. 2.1 Good physical or mental health.
      ‘our shared journey toward wholeness and healing’
      • ‘To achieve psychic wholeness, each character must come to accept his or her memories.’
      • ‘There was a sense of wholeness and creative well-being that flowed from his embrace of rural blackness.’
      • ‘She becomes a fleshly embodiment of spiritual wholeness.’
      • ‘Their "wise handling and faire governance" restore the knight to wholeness.’
      • ‘She calls her painting a 'psychological space to locate freedom to find a way towards wholeness'.’