Definition of whole cloth in English:

whole cloth


  • Cloth of the full size as manufactured, as distinguished from a piece cut off for a garment or other item.

    • ‘The quilt is hand quilted as you would a whole cloth quilt.’
    • ‘This was used to chop out the appliqué element from whole cloth.’
    • ‘The earliest quilts on colonial American beds were made of whole cloth, with the visual interest created by the quilting patterns high-lighted by the gloss of the elegant fabrics, such as silk and glazed worsteds.’
    • ‘First, take a piece of whole cloth, the fibers of which crisscross in a way similar to that of the skin of the perineum, and try to tear it in half.’
    • ‘These quilts - some pieced, others whole cloth and coming in all sizes from crib to king size - tell a story of hard work, dedication and a heart of compassion for impoverished people around the world.’
    • ‘A number of quilt types are represented in this exhibition, including album, appliqué, chintz appliqué, pieced, and whole cloth.’
    • ‘The distinctive patterns of quilts are created from sewn-together pieces of cloth, appliquéd cutout designs, or a solid piece of fabric called whole cloth.’
    • ‘The whole cloth quilts, strip quilts, medallion quilts, and appliqué and patchwork quilts took on new looks with the new fabrics made possible by advancing cloth-printing techniques.’