Definition of whole body scan in US English:

whole body scan


  • A CT scan of the torso, especially one obtained for health screening purposes.

    • ‘Evidence shows that whole body scans expose people to very high levels of radiation, sometimes up to 500 times more than the standard chest x-ray.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the clinic is offering them with whole body scans, more than 35,000 to date.’
    • ‘A whole body scan uses radioiodine to check for thyroid cells.’
    • ‘You will return for the whole body scan 48-72 hours after receiving the radioactive capsule.’
    • ‘Osman opted to try a ‘true whole body scan’ on the patient to evaluate his condition.’
    • ‘That's still a small individual risk, but probably not worth taking for the limited value of these whole body scans.’
    • ‘The EPA is taking strong steps to ensure that people who choose to go ahead with a whole body scan are made fully aware of the risks involved.’
    • ‘In the future, however, we are looking to adapt this technology so that we maybe able to do whole body scans of babies.’
    • ‘Until more research is done, routine whole body scans are probably not to be recommended.’
    • ‘There are lots of entrepreneurs urging the public to have these expensive whole body scans for screening purposes.’
    • ‘The proposed standing and sitting postures are similar to the traditional postures for whole body scans with some abduction of the arms and legs.’
    • ‘The scan can take 4 to 10 minutes if it is a whole body scan or as little as 30 seconds if the scan is just targeting a particular part of the body.’
    • ‘Nuclear cameras have been commonly utilized to perform transverse tomographic scans and whole body scans.’
    • ‘And I'll certainly not have a whole body scan with helical CT.’
    • ‘CT scans are better at detecting cancer in some tissues than in others which means that in some parts of the body even quite large tumours could still be 'missed' by a whole body scan.’
    • ‘Both, however, were shown to be inferior to whole body scans obtained after a therapeutic dose of I-131.’
    • ‘While a patient lies on the PET scanner's bed, a Nuclear Medicine technologist sets up a PET whole body scan on the scanner console.’
    • ‘The results of the FDG tumor whole body scan will be available to your referring physician on the day of the examination.’
    • ‘To avoid doing PET scans for subjects who don't have binding, we will perform a screening whole body scan.’
    • ‘Supporting the BMJ's scepticism, radiologist Stephen J. Swensen says that in a major trial in which whole body scans were used to test for lung cancer, his team made 700 other suspicious findings.’