Definition of whole blood in US English:

whole blood


  • Blood drawn directly from the body from which none of the components, such as plasma or platelets, has been removed.

    • ‘She was resuscitated with transfusion of whole blood, fresh frozen plasma, and platelets.’
    • ‘A little over 50 years ago, the only sources of platelets were from fresh whole blood or platelet rich plasma.’
    • ‘However, recent studies 37-40 show that lactate levels in plasma may be higher than those in whole blood.’
    • ‘In particular, example 8 describes how two litres of bovine whole blood was passed through the filter.’
    • ‘First, we measured the hematocrit, the proportion of red blood cells in the whole blood.’
    • ‘While studying at Columbia, he theorized that blood plasma could replace whole blood in transfusions because of its long shelf life.’
    • ‘He discovered that injured troops did better when given plasma rather than whole blood.’
    • ‘Patients were randomly assigned to receive fresh whole blood or reconstituted blood during surgery.’
    • ‘Thus, the impact of the changes we observed in whole blood on plasma lead is also unknown.’
    • ‘Direct methods usually involve whole blood; the sample is untreated before contacting the electrode.’
    • ‘Comparatively, Canadian Blood Services collects 750,000 units of whole blood a year.’
    • ‘Fifty units of whole blood and platelets were required to save her life.’
    • ‘Now, scientists are attempting to inactivate pathogens while not damaging either whole blood or its separated parts.’
    • ‘In these tests of whole blood we found only a change in the platelet numbers, whereas all other haematological parameters were not affected.’
    • ‘Blood transfusions using whole blood are no longer common in modern surgery, except in cases of massive blood loss.’
    • ‘In the early days of CABG, almost all patients received blood components or whole blood.’
    • ‘Fresh frozen plasma is taken from whole blood and frozen within 8 hours of collection.’
    • ‘So replacing whole blood with blood cells could result in a weekly savings of $615, according to Chaudhury.’
    • ‘In more severe cases of chronic anemia, as well as when a large amount of blood is lost, a child or teen may need a transfusion of red blood cells or whole blood.’
    • ‘They set union-wide standards for the labelling and traceability of whole blood and blood components from donor to patient.’