Definition of whitener in US English:



  • See whiten

    • ‘I can't believe I now drink tea and coffee with whitener.’
    • ‘On Wednesday the focus was on the prevalent use of skin whiteners and the dangers of using products which are not approved by the health ministry.’
    • ‘Messy, smelly fake tans, foundations that disappear before lunchtime and skin whiteners could soon be a thing of the past.’
    • ‘Consult your dentist before using whiteners.’
    • ‘Gone are the days of typewriters, carbon copies and whitener.’
    • ‘I took a deep breath, grabbed a tub of lo-salt, lo-fat sunflower margarine and a jar of lo-salt, lo-fat coffee whitener, and made my way thoughtfully off to the checkout.’
    • ‘But it is effective as a tooth whitener because it is localised - it is applied directly to the teeth using a mouthguard.’
    • ‘The first of which being that if you put anything coloured in with the white wash, nothing will ever be truly white again, attack it with bleach, whitener and brightener as you will.’
    • ‘I use a lot of whitener and the page looks a mess.’
    • ‘The latest craze was the new ‘magic’ tooth whitener which had captured the imagination of the public following the discovery of a new compound, decylcarminate, by a New York dentist.’
    • ‘Already enriched with a wide range of dairy products like ghee, butter, ice cream, dairy whitener, peda, curd and sambharam, Milma is all set to add two more names to its product range.’
    • ‘A disturbing trend is that they go after easily available addictives such as whiteners and petroleum-based glues.’
    • ‘Before you run out and grab an over-the-counter teeth whitener, go to your dentist for a good cleaning and make sure that you don't have cavities, gum disease or any other maladies of the mouth.’
    • ‘It revealed that 48 percent of the drug users were addicted to ‘solution’ - a name given by the street children to inhalants such as petrol, additives, paints and a mixture of whitener and correction fluid.’
    • ‘Yes it's the painfully slow tennis tournament that keeps sellers of boot whiteners in business.’
    • ‘Mother Dairy has already launched a dairy whitener in the north-eastern market, while its butter business was kicked off last year.’
    • ‘But the biggest product alterations are in the skin care market, which is dominated by skin whiteners rather than tanning products, which are popular in the West.’
    • ‘Catherine Zeta-Jones keeps the high luster in her hair with castor oil and maintains her gleaming smile by brushing her teeth with strawberries - a natural teeth whitener.’
    • ‘Store-bought whiteners take longer because they have a lower concentration of peroxide than that available in the dental office, a spokesman explained.’
    • ‘She added sugar and whitener, then took a deep pull on it, trying to kick herself back awake.’