Definition of white spruce in US English:

white spruce


  • A North American spruce with yellow-green or blue-green needles and cylindrical cones, found principally in Canada.

    Picea glauca, family Pinaceae

    • ‘Only such hardy species as aspen, black and white spruce, Labrador tea, and tamarack can withstand such conditions - which they do by actively transporting water out of their living cells at the start of winter.’
    • ‘For some distance, the highway passed through boreal forest, where white spruce and balsam poplar are the dominant species.’
    • ‘White cedar is generally a sub-canopy tree, in comparison to white spruce and balsam fir.’
    • ‘The shoot elongation ended in the first week of August, which is typical of most white spruce at other sites.’
    • ‘This year's tree, a 67-year-old, 74-foot white spruce hails from Ottawa National Forest in Michigan and was decorated with several thousand handmade ornaments representing the tree's home state.’