Definition of white slave in US English:

white slave


  • A white woman tricked or forced into prostitution, typically one taken to a foreign country for this purpose.

    • ‘Exploitive exposés of the white slave trade were a poverty row film staple since the 1930s, but what sets Olga's Girls apart from its solemn predecessors is a shameless faux-documentary tone.’
    • ‘Neither anti-vice reformers nor white slavery activists particularly wanted to save the white slave.’
    • ‘Reformers intended the white slave traffic acts to disrupt the movement of women into red-light districts in order to halt prostitution's production.’
    • ‘He was summoned to treat a wounded man who turned out to be a rebel, was arrested with his patient, and sent to the West Indies as a white slave.’
    • ‘Scanlan and Morris reworked the story - which traces Millie's search for a rich husband while staying at a boardinghouse run by white slave traders - and Scanlan penned lyrics for 10 new songs.’
    • ‘This is billed as the extraordinary story of Thomas Pellow and North Africa's one million European slaves which unearths another forgotten chapter of history, the story of Africa's white slaves.’
    • ‘On the floor above lived the white slave traders.’
    • ‘The daughter of a white slave owner and one of the black women by whom he had many ‘illegitimate’ children, Antoinette is caught in a painful mixed race limbo.’
    • ‘There were plenty of white slaves in the South, particularly the Carolinas.’
    • ‘For two centuries, his forebears had been white slaves in North Africa, captives in North America or, like him, prisoners of war in South Asia.’
    • ‘Maurice, seeing the slave's light skin did not flinch, he had seen and heard tales of white slaves.’
    • ‘In 1909, following Charles Crittenton's death, Kate Waller Barrett assumed presidency of the national organization, involving it in the crusade to eliminate red-light districts and the traffic in white slaves.’
    • ‘In particular, antivice reformers argued that the white slave's financial plight kept her ‘in the life’ during the critical transition from innocent dupe to unresisting prostitute.’
    • ‘William Robbins, a neighboring white slave master, arrives at the Townsend plantation with his half-black illegitimate son and daughter.’
    • ‘And what motivates Robbins, a rich white slave owner and Henry's former owner, to help Henry succeed?’
    • ‘Thanks to his continually replenished stock of white slaves, he succeeded in his ambition to outdo the Versailles Palace of the French Sun King, Louis XIV.’
    • ‘And, unlike the white slave traders who, more than likely, did not speak the language of the slaves or attempt to communicate with them, his countrymen spoke with the slaves themselves.’
    • ‘A beautiful Cuban princess finds herself toiling in a Russian gulag following her kidnap by white slave traders.’
    • ‘Ironically, the local white slave traffic acts, which were only supposed to supplement the Mann Act, proved a more effective tool for fighting commercialized vice.’
    • ‘Director George Loane Tucker devoted most of the first act of ‘Traffic in Souls’ to following the flow of cash up the corporate ladder of the white slave trade.’


white slave

/ˌ(h)wīt ˈslāv/