Definition of white meat in US English:

white meat


  • Pale meat such as poultry, veal, and rabbit.

    Often contrasted with red meat
    • ‘Rabbit is a good choice of white meat, alongside fish and poultry.’
    • ‘Here's the problem: white meat cooks faster than dark meat.’
    • ‘The concept, says Ekkebus, is based on the Cretan food pyramid - a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, cereals and olive oil, supplemented by fish, white meat and shellfish.’
    • ‘Red and white meat can be eaten, as well as all seafoods.’
    • ‘It's better to stick to lean cuts of red meat, white meat or fish.’
    • ‘Next time I make the chicken dish I will use breast only, because I prefer white meat.’
    • ‘The same rule technically applies for white meat, but this is Christmas Day, and no one will strangle you if you insist on drinking this robust Chilean red with the turkey.’
    • ‘This is possibly the best hot chicken sandwich in town, and it only costs $6-9, depending on whether you order a half or whole sandwich, white meat or dark meat.’
    • ‘It was a New Year's resolution - I began by cutting out red meat, then white meat, then fish.’
    • ‘Discard the skin, and 3 ounces of white meat will give you just 102 calories and 2 grams of fat for 20 grams of protein.’
    • ‘In the 16th century variants were made with white meat such as chicken or veal; and gradually the meat came to be omitted, to be replaced by suet.’
    • ‘I try to snack on fruit and only to eat white meat and never young animals.’
    • ‘Proteins like white meat, fish, beans, nuts and seeds also help build and maintain muscles as extra muscle will help fight off infections.’
    • ‘With a punchy 13 per cent alcohol, Banrock works best with creamy white meat or fish dishes.’
    • ‘Choose lower-fat options such as white meat chicken and turkey without the skin, and reduced-fat dairy products.’
    • ‘I gave away red meat and ate basically white meat and some fish, and over a period of probably the best part of ten years I suppose, noticed the health benefits, but I still had a few health issues.’
    • ‘Boudin blanc is a soft sausage, made with white meat (usually chicken or veal) enriched with pork or veal fat, cream, eggs, flour and mie de pain (the inside of a bread loaf), finely mixed and well seasoned.’
    • ‘‘When I'm out at a restaurant, I try to look for healthy white meat, chicken, or fish, with sauce on the side,’ Karen says.’
    • ‘When I am given a choice of meats, I choose white meat such as chicken or fish over steak.’
    • ‘When that's gone it's back on the Ryvitas, salads, pulses, lean white meat, fish (non battered), a general low fat diet.’


white meat

/ˌ(h)wīt ˈmēt//ˌ(h)waɪt ˈmit/