Definition of white goods in English:

white goods

plural noun

  • 1Large electrical goods used domestically such as refrigerators and washing machines, typically white in color.

    Compare with brown goods
    • ‘Murray is confident that threat has now been averted by opening the new store, adding furniture to the traditional range of white goods and electronics in one massive building.’
    • ‘So Beijing wants banks to extend consumer financing beyond autos and mortgages to include vacations, white goods, home furnishings, and more.’
    • ‘The fuel efficiency labels, which are similar to those displayed on fridges, ovens and other white goods, are intended to help get across information to car buyers on how they can save money and help the environment.’
    • ‘The main consumer items would be white goods, industrial and food products, he said.’
    • ‘Dixons is likely to echo the tough retail environment for brown and white goods and also for electronic items such as personal computers and mobile phones.’
    • ‘LG has become the world's largest and most profitable home air-conditioner maker and the sixth-largest manufacturer of white goods.’
    • ‘The price includes a pool, pool heater and white goods but does not include furniture.’
    • ‘Incentives offered to new home buyers during the year included the provision of white goods, full fit-outs and creative mortgage packages.’
    • ‘Labels similar to those attached to fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, and other white goods will appear in car showrooms from 1st September.’
    • ‘This includes large white goods like washing machines, carpets and furniture.’
    • ‘Kitchen fit-out is generally not included in the price of a new property, so you may have to allow around €5,000 for a fitted kitchen including white goods.’
    • ‘They said the park's units were only supposed to be available for retailers selling bulky items such as carpets, furniture and electrical white goods.’
    • ‘Bolton Community Transport pick up items such as fridges and other white goods and check them to see if they can be refurbished and recycled.’
    • ‘Trade Appliances was started in 1988, with Fawsitt selling end-of-the-line white goods such as washing machines and cookers from the back of his van to the trade - hence the name.’
    • ‘The next battleground won't just be the telecoms industry or the telecoms / IT industry, but also consumer electronics and white goods.’
    • ‘But strong performances from consumer electronics, white goods, mobile phones, leisure and photography products ensured underlying sales continued to grow.’
    • ‘With a saturated market place and increased competition, the race is on to do for cars what Asia has already done for white goods and domestic electric appliances.’
    • ‘This facility caters for almost all recyclable materials including batteries, white goods, electrical waste, plastics and paper.’
    • ‘It sells 38% of all the appliances in the U.S., and like others, believes there are millions to be made in wired white goods.’
    • ‘It also means the correct disposal of waste, particularly environmentally harmful white goods, such as fridges and cookers.’
  • 2archaic Domestic linen.


white goods

/ˈ(h)wīt ˌɡo͝odz//ˈ(h)waɪt ˌɡʊdz/