Definition of white flag in US English:

white flag


  • A white flag or cloth used as a symbol of surrender, truce, or a desire to parley.

    • ‘Should they raise the white flag of surrender or should they rise up and defend themselves?’
    • ‘Will the NGO-led masses be waving white flags of surrender on 2 July in Edinburgh with these wristbands?’
    • ‘They did not show the white flag of surrender and they did not come out fighting fairly.’
    • ‘It was National that surrendered, waved the white flag, and sold out every rural area and region in this country.’
    • ‘It was blowing gently between the satellite dish and the biggest shrub in the garden like a white flag of surrender.’
    • ‘After their pill box on the cliffs above Omaha suffers several direct hits, the German defenders emerge waving white flags.’
    • ‘After several passes the spotter called and told us to look down there - the Germans were coming out of the woods with white flags and surrendering.’
    • ‘To fly the white flag and to surrender was not an option for us.’
    • ‘The second half was a complete non-event with Listowel raising the white flag of surrender.’
    • ‘They had taken two to the chin but there was never any sign of a frantic search for the white flag of surrender.’
    • ‘A smile, a white flag of truce on a stick, and an unarmed handshake for the first official he met.’
    • ‘One man gave the Marines a thumbs up, another waved a white flag.’
    • ‘Then the commander of the sasquatches took out the white flag and surrendered.’
    • ‘Morale is low in the army and many soldiers are preparing white flags of surrender.’
    • ‘To increase taxes now would be to raise the white flag and surrender to the poverty lobby.’
    • ‘Paul Wood, reporting for BBC Breakfast, retails this line as well as explaining that ‘hundreds’ of civilians have emerged waving white flags and were subsequently taken to safety by the troops.’
    • ‘The British advanced swiftly to Kut through Ammara and Nassiriya, villages and tribes on the way raised white flags and banners.’
    • ‘Phipps sent an envoy bearing a white flag to demand his enemy's submission.’
    • ‘But some of those we saw today in the center of the city venturing out into the streets, waving white flags so soldiers and Marines wouldn't shoot them.’
    • ‘Once it denies its sovereignty, it will in effect have raised a white flag and surrendered.’


white flag

/ˈˌ(h)wīt ˈflaɡ//ˈˌ(h)waɪt ˈflæɡ/