Definition of white fir in US English:

white fir


  • A North American fir that has a whitish coloration on both sides of its flat needles. White firs are common in the mountainous coastal areas of California, the Sierra Nevada, and the southern Rockies.

    Abies concolor, family Pinaceae

    • ‘Randy and Jan and John Paul roar off in a borrowed ranger pickup parked under the big white fir by the hose rack.’
    • ‘If you prefer a mandarin orange scent, go with a soft-needled white fir.’
    • ‘Like balsam fir, white fir is relatively difficult to establish in plantations, and growth after planting is often very irregular.’
    • ‘After following the Truckee River out of Tahoe City, climb through white fir and Jeffrey pine to Paige Meadows, where summer promises a host of wildflowers.’
    • ‘Over the hilly five acres grow native black oak, incense cedar, white fir and Coulter, knobcone, sugar and ponderosa pines.’