Definition of White Father in US English:

White Father


  • A member of the Society of Missionaries of Africa, a Roman Catholic order founded in Algiers in 1868.

    • ‘The cruelly-bound prisoners passed the home of the White Fathers on their way to execution.’
    • ‘The nine mission stations of the White Fathers accounted for the bulk of European residents in 1940.’
    • ‘It was the White Fathers who permitted the first publications of dictionaries.’
    • ‘It was further edited by a White Father missionary, Edouard Labreque, and finally published in Bemba as Ifikolwe Fyandi na Bantu Bandi (My Ancestors and My People).’
    • ‘It was agreed with the diocesan authorities that this should be the property of the White Fathers.’
    • ‘Were the White Fathers seen as an advance guard of French penetration into the Sahara?’
    • ‘From their foundation, the White Fathers have been in Muslim areas since their Religious Society was founded in Algeria.’


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