Definition of white cedar in US English:

white cedar


  • A North American tree of the cypress family.

    Thuja and other genera, family Cupressaceae: several species, in particular the northern white cedar (T. occidentalis), which yields timber and medicinal oil

    • ‘Northern white cedars, some more than a thousand years old, have been found on the Niagara Escarpment.’
    • ‘Atlantic white cedars scattered amid the other vegetation remain stunted as long as the water is deep, growing no more than four feet tall.’
    • ‘Plants affected by deer overgrazing include trees, such as eastern hemlock and white cedar, and wildflowers, particularly trilliums, orchids, and lilies, reports Rooney.’
    • ‘Mike Bryant, who manages the Alligator River and Pea Island wildlife refuges on the North Carolina coast, has a stack of tasks as tall as the white cedars he works in.’
    • ‘The view should be almost a monochrome of the dark greens of Atlantic white cedar and cypress.’


white cedar

/(h)wīt ˈsēdər/