Definition of white-throated sparrow in US English:

white-throated sparrow


  • A sparrow that winters in southern and eastern North America. It has prominent yellow eyebrows and a white patch at the throat.

    Zonotrichia albicollis, family Emberizidae

    • ‘At the Arboretum, white-throated sparrows were everywhere in the gardens.’
    • ‘I can hear the songs of migrating birds: phoebes, white-throated sparrows, towhees, catbirds, chipping sparrows.’
    • ‘Joann Hanowski, a research fellow with the Natural Resources Research Institute in Duluth, has noted a dramatic decline in ground-nesting birds such as white-throated sparrows and ovenbirds.’
    • ‘The white-throated sparrow is uncommon in winter along the west coast of the United States, and it is rare to see one in southern California.’
    • ‘Yes, we enjoy the birds that make up our winter scene and are glad when the white-throated sparrows and the juncos return.’