Definition of white-handed gibbon in US English:

white-handed gibbon


  • The common gibbon, which has white hands and feet and is found in Thailand and Malaysia.

    Hylobates lar, family Hylobatidae

    Also called lar gibbon
    • ‘Different forms of the white-handed gibbon vary in their color and calls, depending on the geographic location.’
    • ‘The saddest residents are two rare white-handed gibbons, small apes listed as an endangered species.’
    • ‘The topmost spectrogram is a typical female ‘great call’ of the white-handed gibbon, Hylobates lar.’
    • ‘The white-handed gibbons are mainly frugivores, preferring fruits high in sugar such as figs.’
    • ‘Two white-handed gibbons that live separately in two enclosures were observed for their feeding behavior.’