Definition of whit in English:



  • [in singular] A very small part or amount.

    ‘the last whit of warmth was drawn off by the setting sun’
    • ‘No amount of talk, therapy or talk therapy will make a whit of difference.’
    • ‘All of which now makes me wonder: when you come right down to it, did the antitrust trial of the century make a whit of difference?’
    • ‘Did the ending make a whit of sense?’
    scrap, bit, tiny amount, speck, iota, particle, ounce, jot, atom, crumb, shred, morsel, trifle, fragment, grain, drop, touch, trace, shadow, suggestion, whisper, suspicion, scintilla, spot, mite, tittle, jot or tittle, modicum
    smidgen, smidge
    scantling, scruple
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Late Middle English: apparently an alteration of obsolete wight small amount.