Definition of whiskey sour in US English:

whiskey sour


  • A drink consisting of whiskey mixed with sugar and lemon or lime juice.

    • ‘Why not add a touch of class to it all by taking a seat at one of the glass tables and ordering a real drink like a whiskey sour.’
    • ‘Base yourself in the elegant downstairs lounge, where the A-list of the local scene gather on sofas and tables in carpeted ambience sipping pricey whiskey sours and vodka concoctions.’
    • ‘Just don't forget to tip, or you might find some WD-40 in your whiskey sour.’
    • ‘Andrew ordered a gin and tonic (which glowed in the black lights), Sarah ordered a vodka and soda, and Katie ordered a whiskey sour.’
    • ‘Inside it's an eclectic and laid-back lounge with twisted light fixtures, walls of bright crimson and powder blue, and large cushioned couches to ease into over whiskey sours or light snacks.’
    • ‘Don't tell me you'd say no to a few of those chilling your whiskey sour!’
    • ‘I've been drinking whiskey sours all night.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact, I had two peanut butter sandwiches and two whiskey sours.’
    • ‘The classic rock played compliments the excellent whiskey sour I drank on my first visit.’
    • ‘She always had a whiskey sour waiting for Jay's dad just as he walked through the door.’
    • ‘The first drink, a whiskey sour, is rumored to have been ordered by a nun.’
    • ‘The fact that we forget to bring the food does not detract from the outing and we manage well on pistachio nuts and whiskey sours.’
    • ‘Sip a whiskey sour in the Vault Bar and you can gaze at gold bars on the walls and moulded coins in the ceilings.’
    • ‘A welcome drink suddenly appeared, a pomegranate-coloured liquid that was announced as a whiskey sour.’
    • ‘Ease yourself into one of their cushy dark brown sofas, order up a whiskey sour and survey the scene.’
    • ‘I can't even count the number of times I've stressed to someone ‘I've just been too damned tied up with Project X to exercise,’ often gesturing so forcefully that I'd spill some of my whiskey sour in the process.’
    • ‘He began lunch with a whiskey sour, before tucking into a crab and asparagus salad on his way to the steak and spinach.’
    • ‘Can I have a shot of vodka and a whiskey sour please?’
    • ‘A notable variant of the whiskey sour is the Ward 8, which often is based either in Bourbon or rye whiskey, with both lemon and orange juices, and grenadine syrup as the sweetener.’
    • ‘The waitress brought the whiskey sour and Kat took a long drink out of it.’