Definition of whip something up in US English:

whip something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause water, sand, etc., to rise up and be flung about in a violent manner.

    ‘the sea was whipped up by a force-nine gale’
    • ‘A line of squalls is blowing through, whipping up the water and sending waves pounding against our starboard beam.’
    • ‘But when the wind is whipping up the waves and you're cold and tired from a difficult dive in strong currents, well things can get a little distorted.’
    • ‘The wind began to whip the sand up off of the ground into a whirlwind.’
    1. 1.1 Stimulate a particular feeling in someone.
      ‘we tried hard to whip up interest in the products’
      • ‘The right-wing press has jumped on fears about gun crime to whip up racism.’
      • ‘They will not hesitate to whip up ethnic hatred as was done with such terrible consequences in Rwanda.’
      • ‘There's just a bunch of liberal activists whipping up needless hysteria.’
      • ‘But every time governments and the media have whipped up such hysteria it has boosted racism.’
      • ‘Historical personalities, like Shivaji, have also been used to whip up regional sentiments.’
      • ‘But its real aim is to whip up fear and hysteria over refugees.’
      • ‘You whip up hatred against minorities, asylum seekers, working people, and trade unionists like me.’
      • ‘A media frenzy followed that whipped up fear and outrage against the Maori people.’
      • ‘The attempts to whip up public sentiment against teachers have, however, fallen flat.’
      stimulate, rouse, arouse, stir up, work up, wake, waken, awaken, quicken, inspire, call forth, bring into being, call into being, draw forth, bring out, excite, evoke, whet, stir, provoke, spur, fire, inflame, trigger, prompt, induce, encourage, actuate, activate, touch off, spark off, set off, set going, incite, promote, engender, generate
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  • 2Make or prepare something, typically something to eat, very quickly.

    • ‘Why don't I see if we can't whip something up for lunch, huh?’
    • ‘You two make yourselves comfortable; I'll go whip something up really quick.’
    • ‘With that in mind, I've whipped up a delectable batch of buffalo nuggets.’
    • ‘If I can't whip something up, John and I will eat out.’