Definition of whine in English:



  • 1A long, high-pitched complaining cry.

    ‘the dog gave a small whine’
    • ‘A precise sound, it gained coherence and Padlin realized he was not hearing a whine or a howl or a growl but a phrase.’
    • ‘At that, she let out a whine and whispery high-pitched pleas for his release over her.’
    • ‘You can bitch and whine all you want, it's no use.’
    • ‘He asked me, his voice a slightly high-pitched whine, as though he had never progressed from childhood.’
    • ‘Despite Tim's whines and complaints, his grandfather remained firm and decided upon his choice.’
    • ‘He begins speaking in a high-pitched whine and uses effeminate hand gestures.’
    • ‘He's jealous and insecure, wants to hear from her everyday, whines and moans when she calls, pummelling her with classic passive aggression.’
    • ‘Often it is unknowing, as when a dog is left alone at home and whines and whimpers for attention.’
    • ‘All this time, Brooks moans and whines, but he is inspired without hardly realizing it.’
    • ‘She croaks, squeaks, howls, and whines her way through the role, nearly always off-key and most horrid.’
    • ‘The wolf's ears deflated, the look on his face quickly taking a run for depression, a lamenting whine emitting from his throat.’
    • ‘I feel like I must suck as a mother because some days it seems that all he does is whine and moan and complain.’
    • ‘This really ticked off Lisa and she turned around without saying anything else except for a groan or a whine or a sigh every once in a while.’
    • ‘If you're getting a high-pitched whine rather than a hum your hard drive may be the culprit.’
    • ‘They communicate by stamping their forepaws, chattering their teeth, and emitting a variety of whimpers, whines, hisses, and other vocalizations.’
    • ‘The singer whines and groans his way through every song.’
    • ‘You have to squeak it in a shrill whine, which says all that you need to know about the man himself.’
    • ‘There is nothing like having a boy to fish with, especially one who never whines or complains and who always seems to be in a good humor.’
    • ‘While in captivity, they are very vocal, uttering high-pitched whines and howls, rasping growls.’
    • ‘His unique style of whoops, whines, and yells became his trademark.’
    whimper, wail, cry, mewl, groan, moan, howl, yowl
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    1. 1.1 A long, high-pitched unpleasant sound.
      ‘the whine of the engine’
      • ‘In both the older and newer segments, the mix has some type of background noise, from crackling to hissing to buzzing to high-pitched whines.’
      • ‘If anything, the faster fan drowns out the high-pitched whine with lower-pitched wind noise.’
      • ‘When the bell rang, sounding the end of school with its high pitched whine, they were reluctant to part, but they did so.’
      • ‘Instantly, Wendy's eyes watered as the ultrasonic whine assailed her sensitive ears.’
      • ‘Their mysterious clicks and whines echoed through the water as they bumped and circled each other.’
      • ‘As they crossed the bridge, Dellege spoke up through the roar of the rain and the whine of the ship's engine.’
      • ‘You'll hear half a bang then a high-pitched whine to simulate ringing in your ears.’
      • ‘But throughout, as the procession goes around and around, the aural system is assaulted by an unattractive mix of hysterical commentary and high pitched engine whine.’
      • ‘After what seemed like a very long time, the whine of the engine changed pitch and they seemed to descend.’
      • ‘Between the deafening whine of the jet engines and the music, the two men looked at each other and wondered what in God's name was transpiring up there.’
      • ‘The huge rotors made hardly a whisper as they coasted, and the engine whine was so muted that the sergeant doubted anyone outside the compound could even hear it.’
      • ‘She was shielded from the plane by the hill, but she could still hear the whine of its engine as it approached.’
      • ‘The rising whine of the engines building up gives way to a satisfying roar of power as the engines open up.’
      • ‘The steady whine of the engines reverberated through the cabin as everyone watched their panel to make sure everything was functioning properly.’
      • ‘Miller would have dismissed the thud if it were not for the unusual whine that the engine had developed soon after the thud.’
      • ‘It was not a high-pitched whine, but the noise was audible above the rest of the system.’
      • ‘I would compare it with the whine of an aircraft engine, obliterating the sounds of nature.’
      • ‘Is the use of incidental sound from hospital waiting rooms, or the jet engine whine during an undressing, meaningful and intensely intent-filled?’
      • ‘As the tangents diverge, a sample of found sound enters the piece, with crowd murmur and the whine of vehicle brakes.’
      • ‘You can quite easily cut down high pitch whines by using sound insulation in cases like Akasa's Pax Mate, which works pretty well.’
      hum, drone, singing, note
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    2. 1.2 A complaining tone of voice.
      • ‘‘Haha, give it back,’ I tried to joke, but my tone came out as almost a desperate whine.’
      • ‘‘I don't want to move,’ Leigh complained with a small whine in her voice.’
      • ‘They dream of a return to that now vanished golden era when a Northern stand-up comedian with a trade-mark whine for a voice led the party.’
      • ‘I couldn't stop my voice from having a small whine to it.’
      • ‘I think Paul Swain put it perfectly when he said that if the system was lax, the New Zealand First members would be the first to scream, whinge, and whine about it.’
      • ‘he called with a touch of whine in his voice, ‘I wasn't doing anything to you.’’
      • ‘Amara could hear her voice rising to a shrill whine, as it always did when she was upset.’
      • ‘They don't argue, whine or bitch about the refs.’
      • ‘We used to be kids, and now that we have one we know that they'd do nothing but whine and bitch and moan as they walked and walked and walked.’
      • ‘Even the narrator admits there was a real whine in his voice.’
      • ‘Others however, apologise, make excuses, whine, whinge and generally make a 14th century beggar look like a rank amateur.’
      • ‘People whine and bitch about how blogs don't contain facts, that they just contain opinions.’
      • ‘His frown deepened and his voice broke into a whine.’
      • ‘I hung up mildly satisfied knowing if I stayed on the phone I'd hear him bitch and whine.’
      • ‘When rejected, his voice softens almost to a whine.’
      • ‘All they do is whinge and whine about how hard life is and how they've been left behind.’
      • ‘‘I understand that,’ Anna protested, a hint of a whine in her voice.’
      • ‘‘Shut up,’ he said in a tone coming dangerously close to a whine.’
      • ‘But the move is greeted by the gripes and whines of local competitors who have grown accustomed to living off the scraps of their presence.’
      • ‘The dreaded little sister whine had crept into her voice.’
    3. 1.3 A feeble or petulant complaint.
      ‘a constant whine about the quality of public services’
      • ‘She constantly whines but worst of all she hangs around with people who, in reality she would dislike and vice versa.’
      • ‘The assault landing thrusters begin to kick in, a loudly whine of complaint against too rapid a fall under fierce gravity.’
      • ‘Rick lunged over the console, drawing a protesting electronic whine from the stereo speakers in the walls and ceiling.’
      • ‘I cringed inwardly at the pathetic whine my voice had become.’
      • ‘He constantly calls and whines to me about my not calling him and including him in my life.’
      • ‘He constantly whines about his lot in life without doing anything to change it or realize he has done this to himself.’
      • ‘The only ‘work’ these characters appear to do is gossip, whinge, whine and bitch about everyone and anything.’
      • ‘It's quite annoying. people that constantly whine annoy the hell out of me; I just want to smack them through the closest wall eventually.’
      • ‘Quin tried to keep his voice reasonable, but it came out as a pleading whine.’
      • ‘Jack started to calm down, and the screams turned into whispered whines.’
      • ‘Adam whines in protest as Lauren's fingers wrap around the carton and bring it closer towards him.’
      • ‘John offers a constant and persistent whine that borders on sedition.’
      • ‘The petulant whine made it easy to identify Faunella as the speaker.’
      • ‘Do you constantly whine like a pig stuck in a tight pram over minute issues?’
      • ‘I have the urge to constantly whinge and whine about Printspace.’
      • ‘What we hear from the National Party is doom, gloom, whinge, whine, grizzle, and groan.’
      • ‘The next five and a half hours were filled with whines and complaints, courtesy of Courtney.’
      • ‘The music industry's constant whine about file sharing is extremely annoying.’
      • ‘Castor shook them both vigorously and they protested with petulant whines and complaining moans.’
      • ‘All she ever did was constantly whine about how these ‘losers’ kept bugging her.’
      complaint, complaining, grouse, grousing, moan, moaning, moans and groans, grouch, grouching, grumble, whining, carping, muttering, murmur, murmuring, whispering
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  • 1Give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound.

    ‘the dog whined and scratched at the back door’
    • ‘It was filled with many happy children and one monotonally wailing child who just stood there and whined.’
    • ‘He grumbles and whines, his voice always reaching the highest hysterical pitch it can fine.’
    • ‘The dog whined and ran off back to its kennel whence it came.’
    • ‘When the rescuers returned, the sniffer dog whined, indicating it detected the smell of a corpse.’
    • ‘The engine noise was a little disappointing as it seemed to be strained and too high pitched, almost whining.’
    • ‘They whined and complained, prompting a closed-door meeting with Paxson to try and calm things down.’
    • ‘He doesn't have an attractive voice by any stretch of the imagination; he whines, wails, and grates against the ear.’
    • ‘By her own instruction she moaned and whined a lot.’
    • ‘The dog whined and lay onto his stomach, looking up at Kara with big brown eyes.’
    • ‘Yes, they were petulant crybabies who whined until they got what they wanted.’
    • ‘The sounds are of a rural backwater waking up: crowing, barking, scratching, whining.’
    • ‘In the house by the beach a dog whines and scratches the door.’
    • ‘Kit's voice whined sharply, reminding Alan that he still hadn't answered Kit's question.’
    • ‘Danny resumed scratching the dog behind his ears, and Barkie whined happily.’
    • ‘They can complain and whine all they want, but it doesn't change the fact that the world is changing around them.’
    • ‘He didn't whine or complain about the pain, he simply internalized it.’
    • ‘But would Nick complain if I whine too much about life in my practice?’
    • ‘Dog whined and pushed up against him, and they shivered in the shared memory of the Bomb.’
    • ‘He had every right to complain and whine about everything that went wrong for him, but he didn't.’
    • ‘I also don't complain and whine about the pain afterwards.’
    hum, drone, sing
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    1. 1.1reporting verb Complain in a feeble or petulant way.
      no object ‘the waitress whined about the increased work’
      with direct speech ‘“What about him?” he whined’
      • ‘This was her feature film debut, and it is unfortunate that her talents were so wasted as she whines her way through one detailed discussion after another about her sex life.’
      • ‘I talked briefly to the paramedic, whined a bit about my circumstances, and did whatever he told me to do.’
      • ‘Of course the Republicans bitch and moan and whine about ‘class warfare’ whenever the discussion points to how they exploit the weak.’
      • ‘Jay began whining almost immediately after they got back to their apartment the first night.’
      • ‘He whined the whole time and said he didn't want any, then we get home and he is all whiny and says he doesn't even want to go swimming.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, a low mutter - even a whine - of petition accompanies me throughout my days.’
      • ‘Sarah insisted for Alli to come out of the pool and follow her inside as she fixed dinner, and after some more whining the girl obeyed.’
      • ‘Jake began to whine about having his gun for protection and knowing plenty enough about traveling in the forest not to get hurt.’
      • ‘Michael began to whine when he dropped his stuffed animal and she quickly moved to placate him.’
      • ‘It is said in a peculiar mid-Atlantic accent - I'll try and write it, phonetically, as he would whine it.’
      • ‘He whined the whole way home, complaining that he was old enough to walk home by himself.’
      • ‘To all my online friends who have listened to my whinges and whines and put up with my annoyingly self centred outlook on life.’
      • ‘She realized there was nothing she could do but grumble, complain, whine and cry but that wasn't going to get her anywhere.’
      • ‘The girl began to whine and her mother was losing her patience.’
      • ‘The way he practically whined it made me smile and eventually I began to giggle.’
      • ‘The children began to whine, annoyed by the fact their cartoons were interrupted.’
      • ‘Look at your womanly physique in the mirror and stick out your gut so that you can complain and whine even more about how you're getting fat.’
      • ‘It's hard to whine about the end of a show without giving it away.’
      • ‘We whine a little, then we give her a yes-or-no response.’
      • ‘I look up at the sign listening when the next bus was coming as he begins whining like a child at me.’
      • ‘Upset by the prospect of going back to the living hell of London, I whine a bit to anyone who'll listen, then get on train and come back to London.’
      • ‘Oliver began to whine about something, and Troy was bugging Caleb about his tattoo again a second later.’
      • ‘She laughed a bit and they continued on their way, James whining every once in a while.’
      • ‘Tristyn whined her complaint as he once more changed the channel to the infamous movie.’
      complaint, complaining, grouse, grousing, moan, moaning, moans and groans, grouch, grouching, grumble, whining, carping, muttering, murmur, murmuring, whispering
      wail, whimper, cry, sob, mewl, groan, moan, howl, yowl
      complain, grouse, grouch, grumble, moan, carp, mutter, murmur, whisper
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Old English hwīnan ‘whistle through the air’, related to whinge. The noun dates from the mid 17th century.