Definition of Whiggish in US English:



  • See Whig

    • ‘But Phillips sounds Whiggish indeed in regarding the three wars as building up to a global destiny.’
    • ‘Indeed, in what seemed to be a throwback to nineteenth century Whiggish history, the viewing public were being sold a figure as being the greatest Briton.’
    • ‘Hall interpreted the political origins of the western states in the most strident of Whiggish sentiments and the relinquishment of Indian land rights in the self-justifying rhetoric of dispossession.’
    • ‘Shelley was increasingly impatient with Whiggish parliamentary reform and compromise.’
    • ‘The final chapter, ‘Impossible History and the Politics of Hope,’ identifies ‘impossible’ as not imaginable within a Whiggish history of progressive development.’