Definition of wherever in US English:


relative adverb

  • 1In or to whatever place (emphasizing a lack of restriction)

    ‘meet me wherever you like’
    • ‘Whatever your age, wherever you live and whoever you are, rhythm and movement are common to everyone.’
    • ‘For the sake of the future, the truth must be pursued relentlessly wherever and whatever it leads to.’
    • ‘Since Evil is only a lack of Good, wherever there is Evil there must be Good.’
    • ‘Which gives you a pretty broad spectrum of A-list clothing whatever your age, wherever you shop.’
    • ‘Will and his team sit and chat, or just listen, meeting needs and helping wherever they can.’
    • ‘None of the people in this film would be spending time together in the real world, wherever and whatever that is.’
    • ‘Have you ever felt the desire to contemplate your very own Zen garden wherever you are, whatever the time?’
    • ‘American arms have triumphed over those of their enemies wherever the two have met.’
    • ‘Whatever and wherever you choose to eat, I hope you enjoy your Branson vacation.’
    • ‘You're free to buy whatever you want from wherever you want, it all goes back to the same place eventually.’
    • ‘I'll try and use influences wherever I can, whatever the style.’
    • ‘However, whatever, wherever they play, blues guitarists all have a common aim.’
    • ‘Independence Day should be the rallying point of all our people, whatever and wherever their origins.’
    • ‘Enjoy your festive season wherever you and whatever you do - Peace on Earth and goodwill to all!’
    • ‘I'm not down on people finding love online, in their local supermarket or at the dogs, wherever, whatever, it's all good.’
    • ‘And now, wherever you go, whatever you do, you find yourself dominated by his evil presence.’
    • ‘In the end, students will study whatever suits them, wherever it suits them.’
    • ‘Whatever you are, wherever you come from, you are the same in the one world.’
    • ‘I refuse to feel afraid to walk wherever I like at whatever time of night wearing whatever I like.’
    • ‘These can take place wherever I am, whatever I'm doing - and don't need a quiet room or for me to be on my knees.’
    1. 1.1 In all places; regardless of where.
      ‘it should be available wherever you go to shop’
      • ‘We've never believed in hit-and-run touring, or just going wherever is available.’
      • ‘Victoria liked the idea of the holiness of the cross watching over her son regardless of wherever he goes in life and whatever he's doing.’
      • ‘Not many appear to care for world prehistory wherever granite is available for quarrying.’
      • ‘The true view is that wherever the remedy of rescission is available it operates to restore the status quo ante so far as that is possible.’
      • ‘I read in your FAQ that the blog posts as the Pacific time zone regardless of wherever you might be posting it.’
      • ‘He also suggests off-road parking of autos at junctions wherever such a facility is available.’
      • ‘The crew bunked wherever there were available cots in the six-man tents that dotted the muddy base.’
      • ‘For that to be the case, the voucher should be available to be spent wherever.’
      • ‘It will arouse interest in every Crossmolina person wherever they live and are available in shops locally and elsewhere.’
      • ‘This isn't specifically about America so much as it is about the use of available power and the opportunistic grabs to extend it wherever possible.’
      • ‘Your account will provide you with a username and password to access the service wherever it is available.’
      • ‘The cartridges for both are typically available wherever you buy the faucet.’
      • ‘It could be Kazakhstan, the web's available there, wherever someone could access the world wide web.’
      • ‘Clijsters has already won two big titles in Indian Wells and Miami and everyone regards her as the sentimental favourite wherever she goes.’
      • ‘All the job involves is making yourself available for the occasional brief meeting wherever the occasion calls for it.’
      • ‘The stress is on working with materials available locally, wherever they are building.’
      • ‘Whenever and wherever drugs are available, human nature will drive people to take them.’
      • ‘You store the shows that you want to watch, and have them available wherever you happen to be.’
      • ‘Human rights abuses should be criticised wherever they occur, and without regard to who the victims are.’
      • ‘Molina is one of those rare souls who takes himself wherever he is musically inclined to go regardless of trend, be it over- or underground.’


  • Used for emphasis instead of “where” in questions, typically expressing surprise or confusion.

    ‘wherever can he have gone to?’


  • In every case when.

    ‘use whole grain breakfast cereals wherever possible’
    • ‘It is virtually a global issue and more prevalent in the South East Asian nations and wherever Indians live.’
    • ‘Although the internet resists regulation, wherever regulation is technically possible, it tends to be pursued.’
    • ‘Apply the wax in the direction of the wood grain wherever possible and rub it in gently until the color blends with the floor.’
    • ‘Mr Wood said aid had to be sent wherever people needed water, food and shelter but he warned there was no overall single answer to the problem of poverty.’
    • ‘I have made a point of buying organic, wherever possible and making sure that there is always raw fruit and veg on hand.’
    • ‘He brought him to the school playground, to the school bus, wherever Stephen was, there was Thomas.’
    • ‘I mean, wherever things were to be photographed he went, and away he went and things happened in front of his camera.’
    • ‘When you fight terror in Afghanistan, wherever terror is being felt, we have to be patient.’
    • ‘Some say that wherever Selfridges is based it will attract shoppers and that it will act as a magnet to other top stores wanting to be in the vicinity.’
    • ‘This last discovery on Europa is especially exciting because there may be life wherever water is discovered.’


In formal writing, where ever, in which ever is an intensifier of the question where (as distinct from wherever in the sense of 'anywhere') is written as two words: where ever can he have gone? See however and whatever


  • or wherever

    • informal Or any similar place.

      ‘they all play in England or Italy or Spain or wherever’
      • ‘All we remark upon is that the people of Australia, or Spain, or wherever, have swung to the right, or to the left.’
      • ‘Is seeing where everyone else is at this stage something we need to know we are okay where we are or wherever we're headed?’
      • ‘Apparently, back in Iowa, or Kansas, or wherever, that is just the way young men are brought up.’
      • ‘Well you are in China or South Korea or wherever, it is their country, they are not required to speak your language.’
      • ‘And whenever or wherever I go, there is this curiosity about what will happen next.’
      • ‘Rent seeking behavior was a typical feature of the former communist states or wherever there exists high state control.’
      • ‘I absolutely hate sweaty people who sit next to me - on the bus or jeepney or wherever.’
      • ‘You can have your riots in Barcelona or wherever, but not here.’
      • ‘There he is in The Unicorn or The Crown or wherever in Hampstead just after his roast beef and Yorkshire pud.’
      • ‘It doesn't look as if anyone - in Canberra or London or wherever did much.’