Definition of wheelman in US English:



North American
  • 1A person who drives a car or takes the wheel of a boat.

    • ‘Along with Gordon, Stewart is the best pure wheelman in NASCAR and, now, in the midst of an historic hot streak, he is driving with enormous confidence.’
    • ‘Wanted: One wheelman with an extraordinarily heavy foot.’
    • ‘After his win at Texas, Biffle said the current spoiler package makes the cars the most difficult he's ever driven - but being a wheelman, he's well suited for the challenge.’
    • ‘Cruise plays Vincent, a hitman destined to be described by lazy critics as ‘coolly efficient,’ who dragoons Jamie Foxx's Max into being his wheelman during a long night of Los Angeles mayhem.’
    • ‘The plot and action is much the same as in past PSone installments - you're a wheelman, your job is to drive, hurt, maim, steal and generally cause trouble.’
    1. 1.1 A cyclist.
      • ‘Those early wheelmen didn't have bicycle helmets, but they did wear close-fitting long-visored caps.’