Definition of wheelbarrow in English:



  • A small cart with a single wheel at the front and two supporting legs and two handles at the rear, used typically for carrying loads in building-work or gardening.

    • ‘Choose a site that's level and shady, has good drainage and allows easy access to wheelbarrows, garden paths and hose hookups.’
    • ‘To allow room for a wheelbarrow or garden cart, plan on 2-to 3-foot-wide walkways.’
    • ‘I put the rake in the shed, emptied the sawdust in the brush in back of the house, and parked the wheelbarrow in front of the steps.’
    • ‘When it's time to use it, set the sifter on top of your wheelbarrow or garden cart and shovel some compost into it.’
    • ‘The boxes were heavy, and the mansion so huge that I wished for a cart or a wheelbarrow.’
    • ‘Splitting into a wheelbarrow or trailer parked alongside the splitter speeds up the job and reduces operator fatigue, allowing one to work for longer periods of time.’
    • ‘Concrete is most easily handled from a wheelbarrow - not the gardener's kind, but the kind used on construction sites, with a deep carrying base and nearly vertical sides.’
    • ‘Silinga said he thought the robbers used the wheelbarrow to carry off their loot as its tracks seemed headed in the direction of nearby Ntshabeni.’
    • ‘His sister carried him in a wheelbarrow to seek medical help - there is no ambulance service here.’
    • ‘I used hot glue to attach the cutting board to the front edge of the wheelbarrow.’
    • ‘She gathered two stacks of hay into a wheelbarrow and pushed the barrow to the stall that was vacant.’
    • ‘Every few minutes, she bends to retrieve shards of dirt-smeared glass and broken bricks and tiles which she tosses into a wheelbarrow to be carted away.’
    • ‘Old gardening boots, wheelbarrows, and toolboxes can make whimsical substitutes for expensive outdoor containers.’
    • ‘The concrete may be mixed in a wheelbarrow with a garden hoe.’
    • ‘So I parked the wheelbarrow in front of a stall where I could still see the front of the barn and started mucking.’
    • ‘Draping them over the handle of her wheelbarrow or on the fence rail keeps the gloves open so air will dry the moisture trapped inside.’
    • ‘Many people had loaded their possessions on to horse-drawn carts; others pushed wheelbarrows or even prams.’
    • ‘Our exercise machines are post-hole diggers, shovels, rakes, push mowers, and wheelbarrows.’
    • ‘It is common practice to find wheelbarrows loaded with full crates of beer being trundled over the highway at this point.’
    • ‘They are really being led along by the reader, their inventor, who is never sure whether he will come up with a wheelbarrow or a chariot, the choice of which he wrongly thinks belongs to the author.’
    handcart, pushcart, trolley, barrow
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  • Carry (a load) in a wheelbarrow.

    • ‘Twelve cubic yards were wheelbarrowed down the hillside one Saturday.’
    • ‘He is clad in a blue jacket and is wheelbarrowing flowers.’
    • ‘There are 4 tons of 53 gravel in my driveway, waiting to be wheelbarrowed into the run.’
    • ‘You won't have to pay the neighbors son or your crew for wheelbarrowing all the shingles to a dumpster on the street.’
    • ‘When his $75 ran out, he wangled a $4.20-a-week job wheelbarrowing loads of coal into the university powerhouse, and ashes out of it.’
    • ‘Further, in the prior used method, once the sand has been wheelbarrowed to the trap, much additional labor is required to rake and properly spread it on the bed of the sand trap.’
    • ‘This time all was quiet but time very short, so an augmented party hurried down to the van, removed the cover, and wheelbarrowed it successfully to the shadow of the Senate House steps.’
    • ‘They wheelbarrowed concrete from the truck outside my fence inside to the patio surprisingly efficiently.’
    • ‘When it is full it can be removed with a shovel and wheelbarrowed out to an outdoor composting bin or buried in trenches outside.’
    • ‘Nick approached wheelbarrowing a stack of paving slabs across the uneven ground.’
    • ‘But once a bucketful of dirt is wheelbarrowed over the side of the dump site, it's uniqueness is gone forever.’
    • ‘They all wheelbarrowed it back to the original place together. haha. they were so silly!’
    • ‘We wheelbarrowed milk cans to Route 4, where they perched for the dairy truck as the new day rose past Ragged Mountain, over Kearsarge.’
    • ‘Collecting the fallen beech and laurel leaves, piling them into large crackling clumps and then wheelbarrowing them to the compost heap, and sweating in the process, felt very satisfying.’
    • ‘If the site is uphill from the garden, the heavy work of wheelbarrowing loads of compost will have gravity on its side.’
    • ‘Pouring the concrete was the only stressful part due to heat and having to pay the truck by the minute while we wheelbarrowed loads of concrete to the back of the house!’