Definition of wheel arch in US English:

wheel arch


  • An arch-shaped cavity in the body of a vehicle, which houses a wheel.

    • ‘The floor is flat, and there's little or no intrusion from rear light clusters or wheel arches.’
    • ‘It might seem like a bit of a laugh to jump in front of an engine, but it won't be when we are scraping them out from under a wheel arch.’
    • ‘The famous Walter de'Silva curved ‘Dynamic Line’, first seen on the Salsa concept, runs from front, over the wheel arch gradually descending to the rear pillar.’
    • ‘The front nearside wheel arch was on fire and the bonnet ablaze.’
    • ‘Prominent wheel arches and multiple headlights give it a distinct look with a touch of sporty elegance.’
    • ‘A slight S-curve flows through body sides punctuated by large, bluff wheel arches, and bed tie-downs are integrated into the upper pickup box surface just below the edge of the bed liner.’
    • ‘The load height is low, the tailgate window opens separately if you press an exterior switch, and the rear shock absorbers are tucked away to reduce the size of the wheel arches and maximise the load space.’
    • ‘The black paintwork of this car was in very good condition, the only marks being a small scuff on the rear bumper plus a slight dent on the off side rear wheel arch.’
    • ‘It's amazing he got into the engine, I don't know how he managed it, he must have climbed up under the wheel arch, but he's always been a nosy cat.’
    • ‘Other obvious design features are rearward-rising waistline, the prominent wheel arches containing big wheels and the tall, thin tail-lights.’
    • ‘We lost both bumpers, three wheel arches, a window and every single panel has suffered damaged.’
    • ‘The superseded showroom model had neat, but rather anonymous, lines, whereas the new is much more with it, with large headlamp clusters and decidedly flared wheel arches front and rear.’
    • ‘The damage is from the front wheel arch all along the car to the back wheel arch, nicely dented, scratched and gouged.’
    • ‘The shell itself is a little disappointing in terms of build quality, with stickers misaligned, one wheel arch rubbing on a tyre etc.’
    • ‘The wheel arches are more pronounced as are the sills, sideskirts and air scoop, oh, and of course the headlights.’
    • ‘Nissan describe the Azeal as having an aggressive body design with wide wheel arches, short overhangs and a sharply sloped rear roofline with integrated active airfoil.’
    • ‘You could put up a deckchair and sunbathe in the space between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch.’
    • ‘The lid curves down to meet the bumper that flows around the bold wheel arches and creates an aerodynamic spoiler.’
    • ‘The lower part, comprised by the underbumper, wheel arches and rocker panel, is massive and robust, influenced by SUV design elements.’
    • ‘The exterior is also enhanced with deep side skirts, flared wheel arches and two-tone bumpers.’


wheel arch

/ˈ(h)wil ˌɑrtʃ/