Definition of wheat germ in US English:

wheat germ


  • A nutritious foodstuff of a dry floury consistency consisting of the extracted embryos of grains of wheat.

    • ‘Foods high in calcium and magnesium (cheese, wheatgerm, nuts, beans and legumes) are alkaline-forming and good choices if you need to decrease acidity.’
    • ‘For instance, sprinkle wheatgerm on your yoghurt or breakfast cereal, have lentil soup for lunch, eat wholemeal bread with your leafy green salad and snack on sunflower seeds.’
    • ‘50 g fresh yeast sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheatgerm, flax seeds - whatever you want.’
    • ‘After a brisk walk over the hills with the dogs, she has a second breakfast of hot milky chocolate, malted wheatgerm buttered bread with home grown hedgerow jam.’
    • ‘Unlike the bevies of botoxed (yes, even their armpits) starlets, he was obviously not on the wheatgerm juice.’
    • ‘But this is where I get my weird soya milk, wheatgerm, banana and spirulina smoothies each and every day…’
    • ‘The Bitter Orange lotion has extracts of orange, wheatgerm, fenugreek and winter cheery.’
    • ‘Lavender, peach and sweet almond oils can be combined with wheatgerm and be rubbed into the skin.’
    • ‘If you want to top your porridge with some stewed rhubarb, wheatgerm or chopped nuts, that's fine.’
    • ‘They are vitamins A and D, both found in liver, oily fish, and dairy products; vitamin E, in many vegetable foods, especially wheatgerm, and milk; and vitamin K, widely present in many vegetable foods.’
    • ‘Waffles can be made sweet or savoury and with healthy ingredients such as nuts, fruit or wheatgerm added are a healthy snack.’
    • ‘It's a rich, aromatherapy oil that's a blend of soothing essential oils such as myrrh, lavender and rose geranium, with extracts of wheatgerm and borage.’
    • ‘Known to help the skin, particularly when scarring has occurred, vitamin E can be found in almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, broccoli, wheatgerm and vegetable oils.’
    • ‘If the shoulders are almost rock solid, the only carrier blend that seems to help is equal quantities of soya and virgin olive, with up to 20 per cent of organic wheatgerm to boost the resilience of the overtense muscles.’
    • ‘Remember Amritsar is the land of the Sardars, and that the glow on their chubby cheeks comes not with wheatgerm and soya, but with lassi and asli ghee.’
    • ‘She had a health conscious approach to breakfast: muesli or bran flakes, sprinkled with wheatgerm, along with a fruit yoghurt and toast and marmalade.’
    • ‘In France the government has been forced to admit that ‘anthrax’ found in a locker at a Paris station is actually wheatgerm.’
    • ‘Vitamin B, C and E will also help in keeping your skin in good shape and great food sources are citrus fruits, berry fruits, broccoli, hazelnuts, Brussels sprouts, red peppers, wheatgerm and sunflower seeds.’
    • ‘I will teach myself to like healthy snacks like wheatgerm instead of guzzling potato chips.’
    • ‘To serve, Lawrence suggests a sprinkling of wheatgerm on top, and a moat of milk.’