Definition of wheat belt in US English:

wheat belt


the wheat belt
  • A region where wheat is the chief agricultural product.

    • ‘Combine harvesters, first introduced in the wheat belt of the Cape, became common in the larger highveld maize districts from the late 1960s.’
    • ‘Areas around Sydney and the wheat belt of southern Western Australia have experienced their lowest rainfall since records began in the 1900s.’
    • ‘The Selection Acts of the 1860s made land available for smallholders and the successful development of the wheat belt at the end of the nineteenth century was also heavily assisted by governments.’
    • ‘The Silo Project is a research project collecting audible stories from workers in silos throughout the Victorian wheat belt.’
    • ‘Despite widespread rain last week, the Department of Agriculture's latest crop review predicts only an average year for WA's wheat belt.’
    • ‘A major Japanese power company intends to plant 2.5 million trees in Western Australia's wheat belt.’
    • ‘On day nine, dash back along the inland highway to Fremantle: five hours, straight through the southwest's wheat belt.’
    • ‘Vast areas of bush have been cleared for agriculture, particularly in the wheat belt.’
    • ‘Whether in response to my low mark or symbolic of his general misdirection, he was last heard of driving a tractor at seeding time in the wheat belt some several hundred miles east of Perth.’
    • ‘I've only ever met two farmers from the Western Australian wheat belt in my life - John Hyde and Peter Walsh.’
    • ‘It's going to spill into this week, too - particularly after the Western Australian Nats had their fun at their conference in the wheat belt town of Merredin.’
    • ‘Leaving Ottowa for Winnipeg by train to travel across the wheat belt, the train arrived in Calgary having been delayed by a Tornado.’
    • ‘A group of children from the Western Australian wheat belt is delivering hope to an impoverished community half a world away.’
    • ‘There is a marked difference between those living in prosperous wheat belt and wine country, compared with those in declining steel towns.’
    • ‘But we're here to talk about mice and particularly the fact that there are plagues in the wheat belt and so on.’
    • ‘They pop up unexpectedly every few kilometres in the wheat belt, normally serviced by a railway siding, and harboring grain in readiness for shipment to Iraq, or wherever.’
    • ‘This agricultural region is largely within the Missouri River drainage and includes parts of the corn, dairy, and wheat belts.’
    • ‘Essentially parts of central Queensland and southern Queensland, particularly in the western wheat belt areas, aren't too bad.’
    • ‘But they just don't know whether the damage might happen anyway with the marching salinisation in the wheat belt.’
    • ‘So, we want to unlock that and by doing that you could be sitting at an Internet terminal on the wheat belt of Western Australia trying to find out what was there.’


wheat belt