Definition of wheat in English:



  • 1A cereal plant that is the most important kind grown in temperate countries, the grain of which is ground to make flour for bread, pasta, pastry, etc.

    • ‘Hard wheats - like durum have a high gluten content (hi protein) and this is often used for bread and commercially made & dried pasta.’
    • ‘Perhaps 2,000 years later, durum wheat hybridised with goat grass to give us bread wheat.’
    • ‘The country's main crops are olives, vines, maize and hard wheats.’
    • ‘Therefore, it was well accepted, as Candolle had suggested in 1886, that since wild wheats grow in the Euphrates basin, wheat cultivation must have originated there.’
    • ‘Other Iron Age crops included the more ancient emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccum, which was grown on light soils), bread wheat, oats, rye, peas, Celtic beans, and flax.’
    • ‘Australia's high protein white wheats have been ideal for making bread, pastas and noodles - very attractive to the Asian markets.’
    • ‘Seeds of diploid wheats and primitive tetraploid wheats (ssp. dicoccum) were obtained from Dr CI Kling (State Plant Breeding Institute, University Hohenheim, Stuttgart).’
    • ‘For instance, bread wheat is hexaploid with three (A, B, and D) genomes, each containing seven pairs of homoeologous chromosomes.’
    • ‘Three species exist both as wild and domesticated wheats, einkorn, emmer, and breadwheat.’
    • ‘Bulgaria's State Agriculture Fund has started selecting grain producers for buying out bread wheat for the newly set up Grain Commodity Fund.’
    • ‘The many thousands of grains comprise not just emmer and naked barley, but also bread wheat - which points clearly to the Neolithic - and linseed.’
    • ‘Barley is also an important cereal crop species ranking fourth in the world after rice, the wheats, and maize.’
    • ‘The land at Scampston is mainly sandy, so only first wheats are grown.’
    • ‘It is well known that red-grained wheats show a wider variation in grain dormancy than white-grained wheats.’
    • ‘I share the seed with people who are interested in growing the old wheats.’
    • ‘Oats are among the most nutritious of cereals, containing as much protein as the finest bread wheat, and higher levels of fat than any other common cereal.’
    • ‘The creation of Marquis wheat, forerunner of nearly all bread wheats in western Canada, illustrates how plant breeders built on the legacy left by generations of farmers.’
    • ‘Items to be covered include options in crop sequences, wheat breeding directions, tramline farming, potential for durum wheats, lupins and various pests and their control.’
    • ‘One consequence was that the wheat grown in Britain had only about a quarter of the selenium content of imported wheats, due to lower levels in the soil.’
    • ‘The wilderness of saltbush and scrub has given way to orchards and vineyards, to wheats and rice.’
    1. 1.1The grain of the wheat plant.
      • ‘Despite this, the trials of other feed grain wheats and forage cereal varieties east of Bairnsdale continue to attract the interest of growers.’


  • separate the wheat from the chaff

    • Distinguish valuable people or things from worthless ones.

      • ‘I sat down one no-doubt-procrastinatory afternoon and sorted the wheat from the chaff.’
      • ‘Perhaps that might help to sort the wheat from the chaff.’
      • ‘There's more of everything, a plethora of competing versions vying for the user's attention and, to cap it all, the web is so jam-packed with information that it's getting harder by the day to sort the wheat from the chaff.’
      • ‘Doing this will sort the wheat from the chaff and will save time, effort and tears.’
      • ‘There are lots of tributes out there and the crowds soon learn to sort the wheat from the chaff.’
      • ‘It took over an hour to sort the wheat from the chaff - and that was just going through the subject lines to pick out the usual suspects.’
      • ‘The betting market promises to be the best guide to sorting the wheat from the chaff in the first two-year-old race of the season, the Ballyhane Stud Brocklesby Stakes.’
      • ‘Certainly a ringtone reduces pop songs down to their barest essentials and in doing so sorts the wheat from the chaff.’
      • ‘The market will have to sort the wheat from the chaff.’
      • ‘The problem comes in sorting the wheat from the chaff, and you or I can only try to assess the performance of our local authority planning department.’


Old English hwǣte, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch weit, German Weizen, also to white.