Definition of whatchamacallit in US English:



  • Used to refer to a person or thing whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify.

    ‘she wanted me to get the whatchamacallit from her bureau’
    • ‘You won't be able to buy these little guys - the manufacturer designs servo motors for robotic pets and other gadgets and built these little robotic whatchamacallits to attract showgoers.’
    • ‘You were on a break, and I was playing with that whatchamacallit, the menagerie display?’
    • ‘I spend a lot my time these days trolling the aisles of our local Home Depot on weekends looking for whatchamacallits - some part or thing I hope will accomplish a task at hand.’
    • ‘Modern flashlights are like many other electronic gadgets, gizmos and whatchamacallits - they are high-tech.’
    • ‘I usually manage to do all my transactions online or face to face but have reached the point where I must grab the whatchamacallit by the whatsit and make two calls for work.’
    • ‘It's the van's six-month service date and it's getting a new whatchamacallit to do something to prevent a thing with the transmission.’
    • ‘In the meantime, we'll be acquainting ourselves with this super-duper whatchamacallit!’
    • ‘We've got labels on everything to tell you this is good for you, this is why, it has this many grams of whatchamacallit in it.’
    • ‘All I know is that the wound has to be cleaned out and bandaged to stop infection or whatever, but as for stitches and numbing whatchamacallits, I'm about as clueless as the next person.’
    • ‘Apparently there is some legislation which sets the top volume setting for personal stereo whatchamacallits so that we don't damage our hearing.’