Definition of whammo in US English:



  • another term for wham
    • ‘A fight game, a few beers and whammo… So much for sportsmanship.’
    • ‘Why is it that just when you think you are on top of things, whammo, along comes something to knock you right down again.’
    • ‘He picked up a platypus and whammo: dose of venom in the hand.’
    • ‘Then, whammo, you're hit by a wall of redundancy.’
    • ‘One minute you're okay - watching the rugby, maybe - and then suddenly, whammo, you're having a heart attack.’
    • ‘Everything was going fine, had a nice girl, money in the bank and whammo!’
    • ‘Music, dialogue, and effects are well balanced throughout, but a special nod goes to the whammo effect the surround sound provides during the transformation scene.’
    • ‘Some familiar words, like punch line and payola, first appeared in Variety; a hundred other whammo coinages were popularized there.’
    • ‘Pretty soon the clouds lifted, and whammo: There in front of me were the Torres, soaring like a giant thumbless hand into the clouds.’
    • ‘Ever been half way through a hard swim or kick set and all-of-a-sudden, whammo - your calf tightens up like someone just kicked you?’
    • ‘Well, then I'd have to pick it up for him, and he'd say thanks, and then - whammo!’
    • ‘But when the Minister scratches a bit of an itch, whammo, she is prepared to dump all over them.’
    • ‘Their whammo 30-minute set helped leave a nice funky fresh new wave taste in my mouth.’
    • ‘They started things like the First World War, where they thought ‘oh, we're just taking care of some minor little problem here in the Balkans ’, and whammo, things have spun violently out of control.’
    • ‘I say the only scandal involving Reese is all yours if you actually walk this earth without catching her whammo performance in Freeway.’
    • ‘There you were, hating the world, hating your agent, hating the current administration, and suddenly - whammo!’
    • ‘The waters of a nearby bubbling brook lasso me in and all of the sudden whammo.’
    • ‘If I don't ‘market myself’ to get a job, then I have no income and whammo!’
    • ‘So, with no radio and a restricted food and water supply, it's - whammo!’
    • ‘Then, look out, whammo, it would all be hauled back again.’