Definition of whaleback in US English:



  • A thing that is shaped like a whale's back, especially an arched structure over the bow or stern part of the deck of a steamer, or a large elongated hill.

    as modifier ‘a whaleback ridge’
    • ‘Head east now over a broad whaleback to the cairn at 829m, the summit of Brown Cow Hill.’
    • ‘Linking the high tops of Sgor Gaoith and Sguran Dubh Mor, the ridge continues northwards before swelling into a broad whaleback above Rothiemurchus.’
    • ‘You can't see one side of the valley from the other, because the view is blocked by the big bare whaleback of Samitos mountain at the centre of the circle.’
    • ‘Big bare spots opened, where whalebacks of naked bedrock reared up and plunged into ponds.’
    • ‘The whaleback upward-facing folds of Domain 2 are consistent with a dominantly subhorizontal NW-SE contractional strain.’
    • ‘It forms a relatively smooth whaleback, plunging towards the east at about 100 rn every 4 km and dipping north and south at angles up to 10.’
    • ‘The shallowly to moderately SW- or NE-plunging, generally SE-verging whaleback folds curve about a steeply plunging, down-dip direction.’
    • ‘For the next week there was a bitter struggle for Bourlon Wood, whose whaleback mass still dominates the battlefield.’
    • ‘From here it appears as a fine conical peak, steep slopes rising smoothly to a narrow crest, a direct contrast to the tor-studded whaleback of distant Ben Avon and the leviathan mass of Cairn Gorm itself.’
    • ‘The old hag's presence was clearly evident as I climbed the mountain's long whaleback ridge.’
    • ‘The many geometrical variations of bornhardts (e.g. ‘whalebacks ', ‘elephant rocks', ‘sugarloafs') reflect fracture spacing and the distribution and intensity of weathering.’
    • ‘The five-peak enchainment encompassed Black Tooth, Woolsey, the Gargoyle, Innominate, and the whaleback of Cloud Peak.’
    high ground, rising ground, prominence, eminence, elevation, rise, hillock, mound, mount, knoll, hummock, tor, tump, fell, pike, mesa
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