Definition of westward in US English:



  • Toward the west.

    ‘the journey covers eight time zones in a westward direction’
    • ‘The celebration of rugged individualism during westward expansion in the mid-1800s surely had a lasting influence as well.’
    • ‘This is expected to, I think, diminish in strength over the next few days, though the westward push probably won't be as significant.’
    • ‘The Tampa Bay area fared pretty well, despite Jeanne's westward wiggle.’
    • ‘Bird flu's westward move is caused by migrating fowl.’
    • ‘It was once believed that the sun began its westward journey from Taishan and also that reaching the top of Taishan would mean you lived to be 100.’
    • ‘We're expecting this westward motion to continue, getting close to Category 3, as early as 8: 00 for tonight.’
    • ‘Rabaul was crossed off the list of invasion targets; its neutralization by air was to be completed by May 1944, followed by MacArthur's westward advance towards the Vogelkop peninsula of New Guinea.’
    • ‘We think our storm will continue tracking a little bit to the north of west, but it may manage to hold itself on a more westward course and head somewhere along the Florida east coast.’
    • ‘SS soldiers blew up the gas chamber and crematorium in early 1945 when the Nazis abandoned the camp in the face of the Soviet army's westward advance.’
    • ‘Some have long disputed the very idea of a frontier of ‘free land’ because of the presence of the numerous Indian peoples whose subjugation was required by the nation's westward march.’
    • ‘And we should see more of a westward trend as we head into the latter hours this evening and overnight for tonight.’
    • ‘The war enhanced American power vis-à-vis Indian tribes in the West and South and thus set the stage for westward expansion after 1815.’
    • ‘Sweden attempted to take advantage of this by blocking Russia's attempted westward expansion towards the Baltic.’
    • ‘It was expected that Emily would turn in a west-northwesterly direction, but she stayed on her original westward course.’
    • ‘He ran into the bitter westward winds almost constantly.’
    • ‘Fire was used as the great manipulator of the land and its vegetation, a well-known fact to Native Americans, who made use of fire to improve hunting for centuries before the westward migration began.’
    • ‘His great interest was in what he called his ‘Enterprise to the Indies’, the search for a westward route to the Orient for trade in spices.’
    • ‘To the north of the study area, the basal detachment of the Zilair Nappe crops out as an east-dipping calc-mylonitc with abundant kinematic indicators suggesting a westward transport direction.’
    • ‘The rate of the westward shift of the centre of population slowed by about one-half in the next half-century. but it continued to edge across Indiana and, by 1950, on to Olney, Illinois.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Democrat eyeing the White House continues his westward swing, heading for Las Vegas at this hour.’


  • In a westerly direction.

    ‘the vast prairie lands extending from northern Ohio westward’
    • ‘As the bus continues driving westwards the visitor cannot miss the next holy sight - Xinlu Sea.’
    • ‘And they've put together a golf trail stretching from Edzell down to St Andrews and stretching westwards as far as Perth and Blairgowrie.’
    • ‘Looking westwards into the distance from the mountain pass, a vast expense of sapphire blue water lies ahead, a first glimpse of Namtso Lake.’
    • ‘I resigned myself to recline in the squeaky leather upholstery and enjoy the ensuing ride as we thundered westwards along the Antrim autobahn.’
    • ‘And the ocean currents tend to drift westwards on the northern side.’
    • ‘The road running westwards through the ramparts led to Chelmsford.’
    • ‘But as the disease spreads westwards, the concern about possible human infection has grown.’
    • ‘Looking westwards, the land drops slightly at the Hope River gorge and then rises sharply again in Jacks Hill.’
    • ‘The suburb of Larapinta will expand westwards again this year, first by 30 blocks and ultimately by 260 blocks.’
    • ‘But why should we look westwards, when we have had our own unforgettable magicians, P.C.Sorcar, for example.’
    • ‘I requested that he bring you westwards, that being the direction you were traveling in when we found you.’
    • ‘Edmund and Garrett led the Cavalry westwards a few days later.’
    • ‘I'm coming to the end of a run of work I have been doing for the BBC and I'll be heading westwards again before the end of the month.’
    • ‘I decided to walk westwards along West Vancouver's Seawall, a much quieter version than that of Stanley Park.’
    • ‘Continuing our journey westwards, we passed through Vryheid and then turned off the highway once more toward the Blood River.’
    • ‘The EU estimates that about 370,000 of those could migrate westwards in search of work.’
    • ‘They're proposing to extend the zone westwards to Kensington and Chelsea but what about the rest of London.’
    • ‘Continue westwards over heathery, grassy terrain at a safe distance from the edge of Canna's highest cliffs.’
    • ‘Hidden away in the rear of a wagon they traveled westwards for many miles until they heard the sound of gulls in flight, smelled the salt air and heard the crashing of the surf.’
    • ‘The avian flu is believed to have moved westwards into central and western Europe as more than 15,000 mute swans fled an unusually cold spell in the Black Sea region.’
    to the west, westward, westwards, westwardly
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the westward
  • A direction or region toward the west.

    ‘he sees a light to the westward’
    • ‘To the westward, but on their left instead of their right, tombs of great antiquity passed by their gaze.’