Definition of well rounded in US English:

well rounded


  • 1Having a smooth, curved shape.

    ‘well-rounded quartz pebbles’
    • ‘Some junctions between slabs are also marked by isolated well-rounded cobbles and pebbles of quartzite.’
    • ‘The lowest layer of valley-filling debris includes well-rounded rocks ranging in size from pebbles to boulders.’
    • ‘The quartz grains are well-rounded and often show frosted, pitted surface textures.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) plump.
      • ‘Yet the whole point of citing Monroe was that she had a well-rounded figure, demonstrating that it's not only OK but sexy to be big in hips or tummy.’
      • ‘Girls, boys, old people - even the famously well-rounded female population of Fiji is falling victim to fat fears.’
      plump, chubby, fat, stout, rotund, roly-poly, fattish, portly, dumpy, chunky, broad in the beam, overweight, heavy, pot-bellied, beer-bellied, paunchy, falstaffian
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    2. 1.2 Pleasingly varied or balanced.
      ‘a dry, robust, well-rounded wine’
      • ‘The Japanese track sounds louder, more aggressive, with the dialogue being significantly louder and more distinct, well-rounded and pleasing bass levels.’
      • ‘Mind you, I did manage to slip a sip of the 1992 Chateau a Louviere to round out the evening with a well-rounded wine!’
      • ‘One way to make sure you're getting all the protein you need is to add whey protein to your other protein sources to provide a well-rounded balance.’
      • ‘The book does not give precedent to any particular period of Abbey's life, instead providing a well-rounded overview of his varied experiences.’
    3. 1.3 (of a person) having a personality that is fully developed in all aspects.
      • ‘The college principal added: ‘She was just a super, well-rounded individual and a lovely girl, which makes this particularly tragic.’’
      • ‘Essentially, the Dean was conveying the importance of learning coupled with realizing self worth, both which a person needs to be well-rounded.’
      • ‘Looking back on it now, how do you feel working with Troma helped you develop as a well-rounded, insightful person?’
      • ‘How much ‘experience’ do you think is necessary for someone to be a well-rounded and interesting person?’
      • ‘Nicole is a well-rounded, determined, and young-at-heart woman’
      • ‘However, there is a determined emphasis on developing well-rounded individuals.’
      • ‘The women are forced to fill their time pursuing personal interests and taking classes, becoming more well-rounded, interesting women.’
      • ‘But Mrs Walsh strongly believes in developing well-rounded pupils and is always keen to recognise good behaviour and kindness with book prizes in a special assembly.’
      • ‘And by improving military training programs, sailors will be more well-rounded, professionally and personally.’
      • ‘The airlines typically insist on a degree as it shows that you can stick with something, have a well-rounded social-academic persona and are an achiever.’
      • ‘It was important not to concentrate wholly on the academic but to develop well-rounded people, while the academic aspects were also very important.’
      • ‘For Humboldt, classics offered a general culture, distinct from the useful arts on the one hand, and aristocratic play and dilettantism on the other, to ennoble the soul and develop a well-rounded personality.’
      • ‘I think I left camp a much more confident person, a more well-rounded person, even a more peaceful person.’
      • ‘Businesses want well-rounded people; people who read newspapers and who are engaged in public issues; people who are aware of the world around them, who see the larger picture and actively engage in it.’
      • ‘‘The school enables children to develop as mature, well-rounded individuals with respect and care for others,’ inspectors concluded.’
    4. 1.4 (of a phrase or sentence) carefully composed and balanced.
    5. 1.5 (of an education) covering well the necessary areas of instruction.
      • ‘Within any national education system, whether here in Australia, the UK or anywhere in the world, the arts are not necessary only as an autonomous part of a well-rounded education.’
      • ‘Diversity in scholarship and experience is essential for a well-rounded education.’
      • ‘Part of this responsibility is supporting our public school music-teaching colleagues and providing a well-rounded education for the students whose lives we influence.’
      • ‘We are giving a well-rounded education and we don't teach to test.’
      • ‘Secondly, while it is true that computer-literate professionals are in great demand, Bates points out that liberal arts courses continue to be critical for a well-rounded education.’
      • ‘Although we have tried to give them a well-rounded education, an examination of our curricula shows that most of all we want them to be prepared for jobs and careers.’
      • ‘The school opened its doors in 1999, and at present, there are nearly 300 children from the Eldoret area getting a well-rounded education.’
      • ‘Since both programs enable students to go part-time, and make sure students have practical internship/job experiences, students receive a well-rounded education.’
      • ‘Liberal arts was once considered the very cornerstone of a well-rounded education.’


well rounded