Definition of well built in US English:

well built


  • 1(of a person) large and strong.

    • ‘Before he reached it though the door opened and a man came out, a tall, well built man with blonde hair.’
    • ‘His skin was a golden brown and he was well-built.’
    • ‘He had once been a burly, well-built man who, she imagined, had worked every available hour of every day to ensure that his farm ran smoothly and profitably.’
    • ‘‘Ok,’ Nicole replied, striding over to the tall, handsome, well-built man.’
    • ‘A tall, well built man, his head held erect, he was walking very rapidly.’
    • ‘A tall, well-built boy of about fifteen opened the door.’
    • ‘It was nearly an hour before the tall, well built man finally emerged from the front door.’
    • ‘A tall, well-built man jumped down from the carriage and moved forward to greet Alicia, kissing her cheek before helping her up into the vehicle.’
    • ‘A well-built man approached them, wiping a glass with a less-than-clean towel.’
    • ‘Sachio was strong, well-built man with fierce eyes and long hair tied back in a tight ponytail on top of his head.’
    • ‘My body type is quite top heavy; I have a very well built upper body that has nothing really to do with the amount I exercise.’
    • ‘Fifteen years passed by quickly, and Felix grew into a strong well-built man.’
    • ‘A tall, well-built man noticed me entering, and approached me.’
    • ‘The elevator slowed to a halt, and the doors opened into a hallway, where two well-dressed, well-built guards stood watch.’
    • ‘He was a well-built man; well dressed, too, for that matter.’
    sturdy, sturdily built, strapping, brawny, burly, hefty, broad-shouldered, muscular, muscly, well muscled, strong, robust, rugged, lusty, herculean
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    1. 1.1 Of strong, solid construction.
      ‘the well-built and massively thick walls’
      • ‘The immediate reinforcers for driving include comfort, convenience, independence, and perhaps the sheer delight of handling a well-built machine.’
      • ‘There isn't a garage to be seen, only a well-built carport.’
      • ‘The front door was strong and well-built but was covered in peeling black paint.’
      • ‘A well-built solar home can slash heating bills by 25 percent to 80 percent.’
      • ‘You might even be able to purchase the car from a competing dealer for a bit less money, confident you are still buying an equally well-built car with all the same features and craftsmanship.’
      • ‘What we have here is one well-built, solid little car that's dressed up as a rally car.’
      • ‘In the harbor stood a well-built ship, icy but ready for the sea. They laid Shield there, propped him against the mast surrounded by gold and treasure from distant lands.’
      • ‘From this perspective it's easy to appreciate certain cars as well-built machines; a beautifully made part, to me, is still beautiful, no matter what its purpose.’
      • ‘It is solid, well-built, and with lots of tender loving care, should give at least five years' good service.’
      • ‘This is a very strong, well-built boat and problems with aging boats are most likely to result from normal wear and tear and hard use.’
      • ‘Organizational developments as well as large-scale capital investments gave impetus to the construction of well-built roads run by turnpike trusts and to the making of a nation-wide canal network.’


well built