Definition of weirdo in English:



  • A person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric.

    • ‘When you work for a magazine about style, you kind of dress like a weirdo.’
    • ‘Why should you care what a bunch of self-obsessed, over-ambitious, fuzzy-thinking weirdos think about what you have written?’
    • ‘But fans of the game, who must be 17 years old to buy it, are hardly a collection of weirdos and social misfits.’
    • ‘I stayed nine days trying to understand those weirdos.’
    • ‘I kept waiting to see these freaky sights and strange weirdos, and I never saw any.’
    • ‘We watched Jerry Springer with a bunch of other people… of course the people on the show were crazy weirdos…’
    • ‘This old guy kept trying to get a look at me… bloody weirdos.’
    • ‘I like the creeps and weirdos on public transport.’
    • ‘We amused ourselves by making fun of the weirdos around us, eavesdropping on the strangest conversations, and generally being random and bored.’
    • ‘At my then school I was one of the weirdos, the freaks and the losers.’
    • ‘After he was shot by Valerie Solanis, he got rid of all the druggy freaks and weirdos who hung out there.’
    • ‘The very next night, another strange text came, and it was from the same weirdo!’
    • ‘Well, actors are a strange breed, and even great actors are probably weirdos.’
    • ‘I know this places me somewhere between a freak and a weirdo, but there you have it.’
    • ‘Fifty, sixty years ago, Will Eisner was an oddity and a weirdo.’
    eccentric, oddity, unorthodox person, individualist, individual, nonconformist, free spirit, bohemian, maverick, deviant, pervert, misfit, dropout
    oddball, odd fish, queer fish, freak, character, weirdie, crackpot, loony, nut, nutter, nutcase, head case, sicko, perv
    one-off, odd bod
    wacko, wack, screwball, kook
    wing nut, wackadoo, wackadoodle
    case, card
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