Definition of weigh-in in US English:



  • An official or regular weighing of something or someone, e.g., of boxers before a fight.

    • ‘The Scarborough fighter had threatened to walk out of the fight unless the weigh-in was switched to Friday to prevent problems with dehydration.’
    • ‘At the weigh-in before Liston, Floyd had nothing but nice things to say about his fearsome opponent.’
    • ‘With no flights available due to overbooking and the official weigh-in only six hours away, her dream of competing was again in jeopardy.’
    • ‘How do you feel about the big weight gains some fighters make between weigh-ins and fight time?’
    • ‘The challenger and local hero was reportedly nervous-looking at the official weigh-in yesterday.’
    • ‘Sports writers will tell you that Muhammad Ali put on his crazy act at weigh-ins deliberately.’
    • ‘Official weigh-in for all the bouts is at Mdantsane Sun at 12 pm tomorrow.’
    • ‘When a doctor says he is working with a patient closely it means that he's having her come in for regular weigh-ins and giving diet advice.’
    • ‘At the weigh-in, Clay appeared to be on the point of nervous collapse.’
    • ‘The day before the fight was the weigh-in he signed another boxing contract without my knowledge.’
    • ‘Both fighters made the weight limit in their official weigh-in.’
    • ‘The film shows Ali acting up at the weigh-in for the Liston fight.’
    • ‘Regular weigh-ins at your clinic or doctor's surgery will give you an idea of how well your baby is doing.’
    • ‘Then I got to the gym and we did my monthly weigh-in and measurements.’
    • ‘Official weigh-ins only take place a day before the fight.’
    • ‘Simpemba said the boxers' weigh-in would be at 10: 00 hours the same day.’
    • ‘I might not be down as much as I'd like to be, but I will see a reduction at my official weigh-in.’
    • ‘Besides running her own classes, Dawn still attends her regular Slimming World group for her weekly weigh-in - to make sure she doesn't start to pile on the pounds again.’
    • ‘Kyle arrived late for the official weigh-in on Thursday, October 28, which didn't sit well with contest officials.’
    • ‘Makepula leaves for the fight today for an official weigh-in at the same venue.’



/ˈwā ˌin//ˈweɪ ˌɪn/