Definition of weepiness in US English:



  • See weepy

    • ‘You're not really compassionate, what you feel is not care for another person but, in fact, a bit of self indulgent weepiness for yourself.’
    • ‘The mode is post-Bridges of Madison County weepiness; the visual mood is shampoo-commercial wistfulness.’
    • ‘What the boys code forbids them to do is to show the signs of depression that women do - weepiness and helplessness - at least in front of others.’
    • ‘She'd been fighting off the holiday depression pretty well but while our domestic goddess Inez was here the weepiness started.’
    • ‘During her first postpartum checkup, Bennett's obstetrician glossed over her weight gain of 40 pounds and uncontrollable weepiness.’
    • ‘Avoiding the weepiness and introspection of some of her contemporaries, she is a great storyteller with an enviable knack for updating her sound to fit the passing decades.’