Definition of weeper in US English:



  • 1A person who weeps.

    • ‘Ivy wasn't much of a weeper - she only let it out if the situation was really grave - but her voice was enough to indicate her hopelessness.’
    • ‘President George W Bush, his brothers and their father are big weepers, according to the American writer Kitty Kelley.’
    • ‘Isn't there some saying about finder's keeper, loser weeper?’
    • ‘I'm not a weeper, generally speaking, but yesterday I wept freely.’
    • ‘The most famous early modern weeper was the sixteenth-century Spaniard Ignatius of Loyola, whose copious tears filled the pages of his Spiritual Diary.’
    • ‘For all the crushed weepers, there are those who take it on the chin.’
    • ‘The screams of terror, cries of agony, were now replaced by despairing wails and echoing voices of mournful weepers.’
    • ‘He considers tears to be gifts from God that demonstrate sorrow and compel others to have compassion for the weeper.’
    • ‘Sorry to be such a weeper, but my nerves are clearly overstressed.’
    1. 1.1historical A hired mourner at a funeral.
    2. 1.2 A small image of a mourner on a monument.
      • ‘He invented a particular tomb format whereby the deceased was guaranteed eternal mourning by the sculpted weepers that surrounded the sarcophagus.’
      • ‘He not show flashings and weepers in his drawings.’
  • 2North American

    another term for weepy (noun)
    • ‘The earnest weeper E.T. became the highest-grossing film of all time.’
    • ‘I draw the line at sappy actionless weepers, though.’
    • ‘Given the theme - children separated from their parents - Kindertransport could easily have been a multi-hankie weeper.’
    • ‘There is a wonderful old weeper called Penny Serenade.’
    • ‘The formula in brief: mid-tempo rockers and acoustic weepers with tasteful violin, banjo or other country accoutrements.’
    • ‘It was a real weeper, with David Powlett-Jones gradually coming to terms with the loss of Beth and the twins.’
    • ‘Jurado comes off like the Springsteen of indie rock, utilizing his ragged throat and commanding presence for both hooky rockers and solemn weepers.’
    • ‘The two real weepers that stand out for me are White Palace with Susan Sarandon, and Ghost.’
  • 3weepershistorical Funeral garments, in particular a man's crepe hatband worn or a widow's black crepe veil and white cuffs.