Definition of weed whacker in US English:

weed whacker


  • An electrically powered grass trimmer with a nylon cutting cord that rotates rapidly on a spindle.

    • ‘The grant money Dunn receives can only be used to pay community worker salaries, so costs like the purchase of lawn mowers, weed whackers, gasoline, trash bags, fertilizers, and rented toilet facilities are all covered by Dunn.’
    • ‘I brought my dad's weed whacker up here last week, and cut the grass on the very inside only, so I would be hidden, but I would have a nice place to sit.’
    • ‘So today - after eating a few of the oatmeal cookies I made in my oven - I went out with the new weed whacker that I'd gotten in exchange for two bottles of wine, and tried to get the meadow low enough so that I might be able to mow it.’
    • ‘The best day was the morning when he led me and all the other nerds and misfits to his truck, and then handed each one of us either a weed whacker, hedge trimmer, or a small chainsaw.’
    • ‘Do kids play in the yard while their parents are mowing or using a weed whacker?’
    • ‘And, they didn't take it too kindly when he gave the plastic plants in the foyer a trim with a weed whacker.’
    • ‘Turner was waiting in a blue Ford pickup truck, with one small riding lawn mower, a regular lawn mower, two weed whackers, and a pile of lawn waste bags in the back.’
    • ‘I went inside to flip the switch, and returned to the weed whacker.’
    • ‘Young trees need protection against rodents, frost cracks, sunscald, and lawn mowers and weed whackers.’
    • ‘Non-road sources include lawn mowers, weed whackers, snowmobiles and practically every other engine that is not an automobile.’
    • ‘I get out with the weed whacker and the mower and I make my yard look great, with straight edges and nicely kept grass.’