Definition of weed killer in US English:

weed killer


  • A substance used to destroy weeds.

    • ‘If people could also clear the gutters outside their homes and premises of debris and weeds there would be less need for the use of strong weedkillers.’
    • ‘The trials compared the effects on the environment of weedkillers used in GM farming with those of herbicides used to spray the conventional versions of the same crops.’
    • ‘Crops are produced without artificial pesticides or weedkillers and animals are kept free-range without the routine use of antibiotics and vaccines.’
    • ‘Always keep pets and children off lawns that have been sprayed with weedkillers until the spray has dried and preferably for twenty-four hours afterwards.’
    • ‘The council will use an organic weedkiller to get rid of the ragwort, which won't harm other wildlife.’
    • ‘Ordinary life is, however, full of dangerous articles - kitchen knives and garden weedkillers, to mention but two.’
    • ‘They are now becoming established in our lawn and I am tempted to cover the whole of my garden with weedkiller, but perhaps that's a little extreme.’
    • ‘But his green-fingered attempts to brighten up the area have been wrecked by council workers who sprayed them with weedkiller.’
    • ‘Kerosene is also used as a fuel for tractors and power generators and as a solvent for garden chemicals such as weedkillers and insecticides.’
    • ‘More than 200 weedkillers, mainly lawn treatments, are being withdrawn from the market after manufacturers chose not to submit them for EU safety tests.’
    • ‘For the garden at Redhall is run along organic lines, with an emphasis on achieving good plant health without fighting problems with pesticides, weedkillers or fertilisers.’
    • ‘At Yalding they use a flame gun or hoe to control weeds, not chemical weedkillers; ground covering plants also keep down weeds.’
    • ‘GM crops allow the use of much more poisonous weedkillers, which pose serious health risks to people.’
    • ‘Farm pesticides and weedkillers have had a devastating effect on Europe's bird populations, according to a study released today.’
    • ‘Pesticides, weedkillers, fire extinguishers and food additives, also undergo thorough testing.’
    • ‘So throw out the weedkiller and invite some indigenous plants into your garden plot.’
    • ‘However the latest one includes 80 gardening products, mainly selective weedkillers for lawns.’
    • ‘Weeds can be dealt with by a number of selected weedkillers that, if used correctly, are extremely effective.’
    • ‘Farmers would then have to use more and more damaging weedkillers to get rid of them, with knock-on impacts on the environment.’
    • ‘But don't be overzealous - it is too early for effective use of lawn weedkillers unless there is a good warm spell.’
    • ‘How can I deal with speedwell in my lawn, preferably without using weedkillers?’


weed killer

/ˈwid ˌkɪlər//ˈwēd ˌkilər/