Definition of wee-wee in US English:



  • A child's word for urine.

    • ‘You can lift up a little lid on the seat and do a wee-wee into the chamber pot therein.’
    • ‘He was so upset he didn't do his normal wee-wee.’
    • ‘We have a litter tray for their night time toilets, but he'd got himself so excited that he complete missed and did his wee-wees on the floor instead.’
    • ‘She had to go wee-wee.’


[no object]informal
  • Urinate.

    • ‘I came that close to wee-weeing right there on the floor because I was so excited.’
    • ‘As Sarah sat wee-weeing on one potty, I chased Darren.’
    • ‘If you could intervene with some sort of miracle that would limit her to wee-weeing only two to three times per day instead of fifteen, it would really help me out a lot.’
    • ‘Gracie wee-weed in every room in the house.’
    • ‘How are you going to know if she wee-weed in the tub or not?’


1930s: imitative.



/ˈwē ˌwē//ˈwi ˌwi/