Definition of wedding planner in US English:

wedding planner


  • Someone who plans and organizes weddings as a profession.

    • ‘Meanwhile the wedding planner falls head over heels for the family servant Alice.’
    • ‘The last statement was addressed to the wedding planner on the telephone.’
    • ‘We hadn't hugged much in the past couple of months because of the wedding plans, and I honestly missed my mother because she was always at Robert's apartment or talking with the wedding planner.’
    • ‘His sister Heidi is a runaway bride turned wedding planner, yet considers Steven to be a loser.’
    • ‘Because he loves you, he'll tag along with you to the florist, caterer, photographer and wedding planner.’
    • ‘I'm the maid of honor as well as the wedding planner.’
    • ‘She's a wedding planner and a very good one at that.’
    • ‘The blushing bride has her own business as a wedding planner.’
    • ‘But you can just as easily use the web to find caterers, event halls, dressmakers, DJs, photographers, videographers - even a wedding planner if you decide to take a break from doing it all yourself.’
    • ‘My ultimate career goal is to become a wedding planner and own my own business.’
    • ‘I don't see why we had to hire a wedding planner in the first place.’
    • ‘She started planning the wedding right away, with the help of a wedding planner her assistant found for her.’
    • ‘Simon and his bride-to-be Gillian have hired the services of a wedding planner to organise their nuptials for October 15.’
    • ‘She stood in front of the crowd, her wedding planner at her side as usual.’
    • ‘A good wedding planner will save a couple the cost of the fee and more.’
    • ‘We're only going to talk about the wedding with your wedding planner.’
    • ‘Would you let a wedding planner handle your big day?’
    • ‘Given this fact, the wedding planner has to ensure that everything goes smoothly according to plan.’
    • ‘Why in God's name would anyone want to hire a wedding planner.’
    • ‘She flew out to visit me a year or so back; she's a wedding planner, which will helps loads.’