Definition of wedding band in US English:

wedding band


North American
  • A wedding ring.

    • ‘A piece of jewellery, such as a wedding band, may hold a significant symbolic or religious meaning.’
    • ‘I have worn my wedding band every day since we were married.’
    • ‘For two years, he's been without the wedding band she gave to him in 1967.’
    • ‘He slipped the wedding band onto his left ring finger.’
    • ‘She showed him the wedding band on her left ring finger.’
    • ‘I'd never worn any jewelry before, but I like my non-jewel-encrusted wedding band.’
    • ‘He was wearing a heavy wedding band that Martin had never noticed before.’
    • ‘She wears a gold wedding band on her left ring finger.’
    • ‘She played with her wedding band and didn't answer for a long time.’
    • ‘I frowned when I spied the wedding band on her finger.’
    • ‘I was also able to see that he didn't wear a wedding band, and because he was tanned, didn't show signs of having worn one recently.’
    • ‘He glanced down at his own bare finger, where his wedding band should have been.’
    • ‘His wedding band never left his finger, letting people know that he was forever married to the young British lady who had stolen his heart.’
    • ‘A wristwatch and a wedding band or graduation ring are the only two pieces of jewelry you should wear to the office.’
    • ‘He glanced down at his left hand and studied his wedding band.’
    • ‘It does seem strange for a single woman to buy her male friend a diamond ring, a ring that would be considered a wedding band.’
    • ‘Jenna twirled the wedding band on her left hand.’
    • ‘They are trying to discover how a ring, probably a wedding band, with a romantic inscription ended up on the river bed in one of the country's most visited medieval cities.’
    • ‘You might believe that a man should limit his jewelry to a watch and a wedding band, but it's always good to throw caution to the wind and add a unique touch to your look.’
    • ‘‘Here,’ he said, pulling off his own wedding band and putting it in my palm.’


wedding band

/ˈwediNG band//ˈwɛdɪŋ bænd/