Definition of webworm in US English:



North American
  • A caterpillar which spins a web in which to rest or feed. When present in large numbers it can become a serious pest.

    Loxostega and other genera, family Pyralidae

    • ‘Of these pests, the mimosa webworm is the most serious, especially for thornless varieties.’
    • ‘We saw a very heavy flight of sugarbeet webworms last week and may begin to see larval feeding over the next week or so.’
    • ‘The product works as either a preventive or curative control for fire ants, mole crickets, sod webworms, cutworms, armyworms and chinch bugs.’
    • ‘The small growth wasn't trimmed so the poor things are bushy and horrible, not to mention that the branches are full of webworms.’
    • ‘Butterfly larvae tend to be solitary, or sparsely distributed, whereas pest caterpillars, such as fall webworm, make tents and hatch in the hundreds.’
    • ‘These webworms behave a lot like thistle caterpillars in soybeans.’
    • ‘We're in the middle of a terrible drought, wool prices are the lowest they've been for ten years, the webworm outbreak has wiped out half the crops, and the banks are cutting back our overdrafts.’
    • ‘We have had a severe infestation of webworms in our trees this summer.’
    • ‘In addition to abiotic factors, Weakley and Bucher suggest that predation by webworms is a major source of mortality and lowered fecundity for Amaranthus pumilus.’
    • ‘Several generations of garden webworms develop each season, the last of which may overwinter in the soil in the pupal stage.’