Definition of webtoon in US English:



  • An animated cartoon or series of comic strips published online.

    ‘I've been following this webtoon for over a year’
    • ‘It would be impossible to extract a feel-good vibe from the star of the webtoon series created for the Flash-animation site.’
    • ‘As for the device people use to read webtoons, smartphones overtook computers in 2014.’
    • ‘The director explains, "I had created the first more or less fully animated webtoon series for the site."’
    • ‘I cut my teeth on a series of children's interactive storybook webtoons.’
    • ‘Some leading webtoons are being published in English language versions.’
    • ‘The multi-year partnership will see the group produce original webtoons.’
    • ‘Students will want to see the webtoons versions of these synopses of classical literature.’
    • ‘He saw an opportunity in the growing webtoon market.’
    • ‘This was the first webtoon I've ever gotten hooked to.’
    • ‘The scruffy, depressive Webtoon character now mopes around his apartment eating Pringles.’


1990s: from web + toon.