Definition of webcomic in US English:



  • A series of comic strips published online.

    ‘a highly amusing webcomic’
    • ‘As soon as I saw this incredible webcomic, I knew that I had to thank the author by throwing as much cash his way as humanly possible.’
    • ‘Although many web comics transfer badly to the printed page, only a few minor pieces in the book suffer, mostly due to blurry typeface.’
    • ‘I'll give points for being reasonably drawn, intelligent, and the only webcomic to ever crack a smile on this old bitter man's face.’
    • ‘This is one of the best, weirdest weekly webcomics out there.’
    • ‘I may be the last to know this, mainly because I'm behind in my web comic reading.’
    • ‘They are publishing a webcomic version that is much more faithful to H. G. Wells's book.’
    • ‘I was hugely impressed by how far web comics have come.’
    • ‘I wouldn't follow this as a webcomic, at least not regularly, but it's more or less guaranteed to make me a little bit happier every time I see it.’
    • ‘I don't think it is a new webcomic—I remember someone sending me the link quite a while back.’
    • ‘It's the funniest web comic I've read in a long time.’