Definition of webbing in US English:



  • 1Strong, closely woven fabric used for straps, belts, etc., and for supporting the seats of upholstered chairs.

    as modifier ‘webbing straps’
    • ‘There were two foldable aluminum seats with nylon webbing.’
    • ‘If you have been in an accident, replace the seat belts and the webbing of the child restraint used during the accident.’
    • ‘There are three-point seatbelts for every passenger, and force-limiting devices on the belts on the four outer seats prevent bruising from the webbing.’
    • ‘The sling itself is available in 1-inch or 1.25-inch widths and is made of heavy nylon webbing.’
    • ‘If you want to add more, get webbing, backpack straps, metal buckles and so forth.’
    • ‘Instead of a ribbon tie, use nylon webbing that slips through two small metal loops or a buckle.’
    • ‘Linen was also used for fire hoses, parachute webbing and heavy-duty canvas.’
    • ‘Each harness is made of wide, heavy-duty nylon webbing to better distribute the work load and thick padding for extra comfort.’
    • ‘The end goes around the tree, and the rest of the line passes through the loop, making it adjustable and in theory placing much less stress on knotted webbing, although I have no evidence that says it really does this.’
    • ‘It attaches to the suspension webbing with a hook/loop strap.’
    • ‘The girls were lounging on the grass; Ann sat in a decrepit aluminum chair, its woven webbing frayed.’
    • ‘The boards are then shaped with hand tools, given four or five coats of yacht varnish, and have a webbing hand strap attached.’
    • ‘I have a piece of purple webbing knotted in a loop that I untie and wrap around my forearm.’
    • ‘To remedy this, there is a loop of webbing on the bottom of the pack to put a waist strap through and keep it from sliding up.’
    • ‘Narrow strips of fabric or leather webbing were interlaced across a seat frame, and a piece of linen was tacked above it.’
    • ‘Attached to a single center of gravity by a harness made of strong webbing, hang gliders fly with bodies vertical.’
    • ‘It was available in oak weave or with cotton webbing, a seat covering more suggestive of indoor use.’
    • ‘While they come in many shapes and sizes, snowshoes tend to have a wooden frame with webbing stretched around it.’
    • ‘The harness consists of two shoulder straps, made from a medium-grade webbing, which are comfortable and mould to your torso without being too stiff.’
    • ‘I'm even more surprised that there's no secondary securing mechanism, such as strapping or webbing, round the piles of plates in the cupboard.’
    mesh, netting, net, lattice
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  • 2The part of a baseball glove between the thumb and forefinger.

    ‘just when the ball is about to go past him, he leaps up and snags it in the webbing of his glove’
    • ‘Pinch the webbing between your thumb and index finger and push toward the bottom knuckle of your index finger.’
    • ‘Reiser went to his left on the play, put up his glove and the ball stuck in the webbing.’
    • ‘You try to expose as much glove as you can and hope to catch it in the webbing.’
    • ‘I came in and I knew I could make a play, but the webbing in my glove was like a string.’