Definition of webbed in US English:



  • 1(of the feet of a swimming bird or other aquatic animal) having the toes connected by a membrane.

    • ‘The little seabird nests high in coastal forests, a fact that had eluded ornithologists until several years ago, when a bird with webbed feet flopped out of a felled tree.’
    • ‘The beaver has specialized aquatic features such as webbed feet, nostrils and ears that can close under water, membranes that cover the eyes under water, and a broad, flat, scaly tail.’
    • ‘With their enormous wingspan - over 3 metres in the larger birds - the Pelican takes off from the water by facing upwind and running along the surface with its webbed feet while stretching out its wings.’
    • ‘The bird's webbed feet, angled upward, skim across the water.’
    • ‘The animal was the size of a large sea lion, with broad webbed feet on both fore and hind limbs, so it could both walk and swim.’
    • ‘But in truth, how much consolation can webbed feet and waterproof hair be when the skies are continually grey and the pavements forever puddled?’
    • ‘It has webbed feet; dense, woolly, water-repellant fur; and furrows along the sides of its head to protect the eyes and ears when it swims under water.’
    • ‘When Barbara got Zina home, she made a strange discovery - the dog has webbed feet since she is an otterhound, bred for medieval hunting when otters could be found on the dinner table.’
    • ‘These otters possess webbed feet with strong claws.’
    • ‘Their webbed feet are black and their eyes yellow.’
    • ‘It looks a lot like a beaver - hairy body, flat tail, limbs and webbed feet adapted for swimming - but it lived 164 million years ago.’
    • ‘Moreover, he says, the preserved skin of the webbed feet shows the same microscopic structure seen in aquatic birds today.’
    • ‘Used as water rescue dogs, they have webbed feet and a tail that acts as a rudder.’
    • ‘Albatrosses are seabirds with long, narrow wings, a short tail and large webbed feet.’
    • ‘The breed also has completely webbed feet and swims with a breast stroke instead of a dog paddle.’
    • ‘Its compact, 20 cm body and cone-shaped head reduce resistance and it is powered by its webbed feet.’
    • ‘Thus, the polar bear's partly webbed feet may have come from a mutation which prevented the toes from dividing properly during its embryonic development.’
    • ‘Early interpretations of fossil skin impressions suggested that hadrosaur feet were webbed.’
    • ‘Named for the Canadian province where it originated, the Newfoundland's webbed feet, rudder-like tail, and water-resistant coat make it a natural swimmer.’
    • ‘Beavers have large webbed hind feet and a moderately long but highly flattened tail, which is used for propulsion in the water.’
    • ‘They dive from the water's surface to pursue prey underwater, propelled by powerful, webbed feet.’
    1. 1.1Medicine (of fingers or toes) abnormally united for all or part of their length by a fold of skin.
      • ‘I grew up being teased about my toes, which appear to be webbed.’
      • ‘Surgery may be performed to separate webbed fingers or toes.’
      • ‘Facial deformities are common, along with webbed feet and hands.’
  • 2(of a band or strip of tough material) made from webbing or similar fabric.

    ‘a heavy webbed strap’
    • ‘Some in the entourage had covered their faces with flags or hoods, some wore uniforms, and some had strapped webbed belts with green cartridge cases over their jeans.’
    • ‘Covering the webbed seat with inexpensive toweling renders this stool pool- or patio-worthy while the interior provides a spot to stow toys and picnic supplies.’